Burnaby fires back at Kinder Morgan

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Burnaby fires back at Kinder Morgan

The mayor of Burnaby says his city has been left to wage a David versus Goliath battle with Kinder Morgan over its plans to expand the Trans-Mountain pipeline.

Derek Corrigan says Kinder Morgan has waged a public relations battle convincing people the pipleline means jobs and economic investment in BC.

“Well in fact it is not. What it is, is a massive implication for the Alberta economy and it is certainly a big deal for those multinational companies who are exploiting our oil but for the average Canadian they are doing much better supporting the beer industry than the oil industry as far as jobs are concerned.”

Corrigan says the city is being bullied and is just fighting back.

“Kinder Morgan is opposed to everything that we attempt to do in those hearings. We have attempted to get the ability to cross examine witnesses. We have asked a multitude of questions and recieved no answers. They can’t expect that this is one sided that yet we are going to cooperate with them in giving them opportunities to investigate alternatives.”

Corrigan says Kinder Morgan is in for a fight if it applies to the NEB to compel the city to allow it access to Burnaby mountain.

“We will vehemently oppose that at the hearing before the National Energy Board. We have reached opposite sides of this argument. I beleive my community strongly supports what we are doing and that is that we are opposing the imposition of this pipeline on our community. We do not see any benefit to the people that live in Burnaby.”

Kinder Morgan wants to assess the feasibility of tunneling through Burnaby mountain for its expanded Trans Mountain oil pipeline.


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  1. The country better wake up to the fact, contrary to what Conservatives say, it’s the foreign interests looking to make the money, not Canadians. And it’s the foreign interests PUSHING this project, not pushing against it. Harper is an economic traitor.

    • Leon . . . that has to be the dumbest assessment, next to Corrigan’s, on this page . . .

      Today Leon . . . we are losing 10s of Billions of dollars of revenue to the Federal and provincial Govts in CANADA because we are selling oil into the US Midwest at a significant DISCOUNT . . . because we have no access to other customers.
      What is complicated about that for you?
      Once we can export from the east coast, west coast and maybe eventually the Keystone pipeline, which will be built when the feckless Obammy leaves office in two years . . . Canada’s tax coffers will grow by billions.
      Billions Leon to pay for your PENSION, Healthcare, Education and other perks that you socialists like to get.

      “Economic Traitor” . . . that would be Justin . . . the guy that has already said he would bring int “Cap and Trade” carbon taxes as well as borrow billions to spend on whatever. How did carbon taxes work in Europe Leon? Dismal failure . . . only the elite and the BANKS benefitted, and Billions of Euros just dissapeared.

      Your view of the globe through the thick spectacles of Socialism is a recipe for FAILURE . . . just like Greece, Spain, Portugal and France.

    • Excellent commnent Leon!

      Other than the fact that KM promises that oil spills will actually create lots of economic activity (meaning jobs) in BC, oil pipelines will produce minimal jobs. That is a fact-very few long-term jobs will result.

      Why they think loads of revenue will accrue to British Columbians from oil pipelines is a mystery.

      What they are actually saying is that bitumin pipeline and tanker spills will create a brand new industry. And it will take only one pipeline or tanker spill-an inevitable fact.

      And they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the multi-nationals act in their own financial interests only-not ours.

      BTW when our oil fetches a lower price in Canada or the US, the multi-national oil refineries base the price of the end product as if they were paying the world Brent price for refinery feed.

      If the market really works as it should, lower domestic oil prices should translate into lower domestic gas prices. Sadly, that price differential beteween domestic and world crude is siphoned off into oil company profits.

      Do not be misled by strong demeaning language that is supposedly designed to silence anyone who has valid reasons to oppose to KM. nstead, ignore such comments.

      • Just makin stuff up again Site ?

        Pretend oil spills . . .

        “when our oil fetches a lower price in Canada or the US, the multi-national oil refineries base the price of the end product as if they were paying the world Brent price for refinery feed.”

        So Site . . . maybe this is why Rockerfeller is spending 10s of millions to keep us from building more pipelines . . . he is enjoying the deeply discounted oil his midwest refineries get from Canada, which they pocket.
        Did you know Rockerfeller is Standard Oil and Exon?

        Every Barrel of oil that leaves the ground in Canada pays royalties to the Province and the Feds . . . FACT ! ! !
        Every worker that works on drilling the well and extracting this product makes a six figure income and pays huge taxes . . . FACT ! ! !
        The companies that fund the exploration, be they Canadian or foreign . . . also pay taxes to the Province and the Feds . . . FACT ! ! !
        The pipeline companies spend Billions of dollars in Canada buying material from Canadian Manufacturers and hiring thousands of Canadians . . . all this economic activity pays Billions into Provincial and Federal Tax coffers . . . FACT ! ! !

        But you . . . living in your fantasy think Canada can survive without selling what we have plenty of to the world? That is illogical and foolish . . .
        How do you think we will replace the Billions of dollars we are losing today?
        How will the economy grow in the future to supply jobs and benefits to the citizens ?
        As usual you demonstrate little insite into reality . . .

    • Exactly!
      Take the Alberta oil out of the Canadian economy and suddenly many have-not provinces are in dire straits when they lose the transfer payments.
      And the current list of have- provinces will need to pony up to make up the difference.
      we are a democracy and since nothing burns more hydrocarbons than jet aircraft- I say let the Mayor Corrigan voluntarily put his name on a no-fly list and encourage all the residents of Burnaby to do the same.
      Or better still- put it to a referendum in the next election- and all who oppose the oil pipeline can vote and automatically be denied flying anywhere.

      Alternatively- let the City of Burnaby be responsible for all liabilities associated with the transport of oil by train or truck that would have otherwise been transported by the pipeline.

      It’s easy to be against something when you have nothing to lose.

    • Trev . . . keep hoping you are going to wise up . . .
      Wait till Justin is running the show . . . then ALL of Canada will look like Keybec and Ontario . . . and you will be so proud of the failing state.
      Careful what you wish for . . . you just might get it . . .

      Are you a teacher Trev ?

  2. The anti’s like Corrigan are mired in their Socialist Vision for mankind . . . where free stuff and socialist justice are the norm. It does not matter that everywhere in Canada and everywhere on the Globe that have followed this marxist doctrin of the 20th Century is a Failing State. They just soldier on . . . believing that “THIS TIME” Socialism is going to work.

    Kinder Morgan has an impeccable record for over 60 years . . . but the loons come out of the woodwork with their “made up” issues to thwart progress.
    These folks are anti-Canadian, anti-jobs, anti-prosperity and anti-freedom.

    • Dale we will have you out at the first spill and shovel up all that bitumen? Oh!, but I forgot it will sink and really cause trouble for the next 1000 years.You are your cronies think of the now,never the future just what will be good for you! We had a boon in BC from 1995-2007. Why were minimum wages frozen for 8 years under the Liberals,why did a million people from 2008 stop paying provincial taxes and still were the working poor,you made it big but could give a rats ass about anyone else! Now you do not want to lose your oil dividends so you push for LNG and pipelines, as you supported the Chinese bringing Chinese workers to work their mines in BC and could give another rats about the welfare of a Bc’er just as long you were looked after! Recall coming soon!

      • Ken . . . for the twentieth time . .

        Bitumen = partially processed Crude Oil . . .

        It does not sink, that is pure nonsense and Ken in 60 years KM has had ZERO problems . . .

        You socialist clowns just will never get it . . . you are a broken record spouting the same nonsense every week.

        Socialism is marxism and a dismal failure all over the world . . .

        Tell us Ken . . . how would you Grow the Economy, Create Jobs and a prosperous future for Canadians? Follow the Ontario model?

  3. Of all the anti pipeline debates,, this is by far and away the dumbest one. The tank farm and pipelines have been present in Burnaby for 60 years at least. Anyone who grew up in the Vancouver area in the 50′s and 60′s would know that the tanks were there before the houses , SFU and much of the Lake City Ind. Park. The safety record is beyond doubt.

    The only way that the people at KM don’t care about safety is to suggest that they are monsters who will casually put the lives of people at risk just for their own jobs. Get serious.

    The last time I looked, BC is part of Canada, The Canadian economy needs the economic benefits of this project and others. Governments need the tax revenue-they need tens of billions in new revenue. All the progressives want to do is spend and spend, without a care about where the money is coming from.

    People who moved there did so knowing the tanks were there. There is no evidence to support the position that more tanks=more danger.

  4. All the progressives want to do is spend and spend, without a care about where the money is coming from. You really mean the BC Liberals spend spend? Or are they immune to their spending as long as it goes to mostly the Liberal supporters.

    • Hate to tell you this Ken . . . but you are a “Progressive” . . .

      Mussolini called himself a “Progressive” as did Stalin. Hillery Klinton calls herself a “Progressive” . . .

      There are certainly no “Progressives” among Conservative Ken . . . Progressives/Socialists/Marxists are Fellow Travellers Ken . . .

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