UPDATED: Fired drug researcher who sued for wrongful dismissal is working for BC government again

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UPDATED: Fired drug researcher who sued for wrongful dismissal is working for BC government again

A health consultant named to help protect the privacy of British Columbians is a government drug researcher who was fired two years ago, sued for wrongful dismissal and has now been reinstated.

Doctor Malcolm Maclure’s new job will focus on making sure research data provided to the Ministry of Health isn’t compromised.

A government news release states he spent more than 20 years working to improve protocols ensuring patients remain anonymous, but makes no mention of the fact he was suspended without pay after he was accused of disclosing confidential information.

Maclure was one of seven government workers fired including another man who later committed suicide.

When funding for the UBC-based Therapeutics Initiative was cancelled in 2012, it sparked public outrage forcing the Christy Clark government to reinstate some of  it last year.

The agency studies the efficiency and safety of drugs much to the dismay of some pharmaceutical companies.

Doctor Maclure has issued a statement explaining his lawsuit against the Ministry has been resolved and he’s pleased he’s been exonerated.

He also confirmed studies that were halted two years ago are being re-started.

Former NDP leader Adrian Dix says the Liberal government never should have fired him.

“It’s to say the least, a great thing for Doctor Maclure who had been viciously and now we know, completely wrongly attacked by the government. He’s been obviously, not just exonerated, but reinstated and that’s a great thing.  The Liberal government, in a highly-publicized and inaccurate attack on Doctor Maclure and others, did a great deal of harm. They were wrong and it hurt healthcare and safety, setting us back years in terms of evaluation, so today provides some measure of remedy, but there’s much, much more to do. The Therapeutics Initiative and people in the Ministry of Health, have saved countless lives and tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars to the provincial taxpayer, through their proper evaluation of prescription drugs. It’s not a question of being against big drug companies. Everyone would agree independent voices are needed.”



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