Updated: Translink vows review after SkyTrain nightmare

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Updated: Translink vows review after SkyTrain nightmare

After yesterdays skytrain chaos Translink will assess how it went and what improvements might need to be made.

After just getting blistered on social media for the latest lengthy shutdown, Translink says it’s proud of the “95 percent on time arrival rating” for the Expo and Millennium lines.

Following last night’s Skytrain gong-show, Translink confirms its reviewing emergency communications protocols.

It also calls on riders to download smartphone apps to get the latest information when things go sideways.

Translink spokesperson Jianna Ling says overall though the company is satisfied with how it handled the situation as thousand of people struggled to get home.

“We are happy with how staff have performed. We have received many kudos on our social media thanking the station attendants. Many of our station attendants actually worked through their breaks.”

In Metrotown where many people were left stranded Ling says they had the situation well in hand.

“Well at Metrotown itself we had about six Transit Police officers and many more security there.”

Reporter “What do you mean by many more security?”

“I don’t have exact numbers but I know that they did focus on Metrotown a lot more than other stations because they knew it was going to be a major hub.”

She says it is concerning some frustrated skytrain users, stuck between stations, pried open a door and walked out down the electrified tracks.

“There is over 600 volts. So you could be electrocuted if you step on the wrong stone or if you step on the wrong track. Please stay inside the cars because it is safer and it is legal. If you go onto the track it is actually illegal.”

Ling says Translink will hold a debrief to go over how it handled the chaos and what improvement might be made.

Transit Police Spokesperson Anne Drennan says they need to figure out if they could done better in responding.

“We will be at the table for the planning process for future emergency situations to determine where there can be improvements made in terms of alerting passengers with respect to safety. We will be able, hopefuly, to provide the police perspective when were involved in that process.”

Drennan says it went relatively well considering hundreds of thousands of people were caught up in the mess.

She says officers broke up fights and dealt with some frustrated commuters who pried open skytrain doors and took to the guideway.


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  1. Downloading the app won’t help if the information is wrong. Bus drivers were dropping passengers off at skytrain stations telling them the system was starting up again, and this was around 5:15pm. The website was saying that is was only between Edmonds and King George where there were problems for the longest time.

  2. Of course forcing open doors and taking the personal risk of walking on the tracks is both illegal and dangerous – but when you have no other information, you tend to do what you believe best for yourself and others.
    Somewhere a second level manger should be fired, they either did not respond in appropriate fashion or they have no concept of the affect this had on some “customers”.

    Interesting to note that while people were pretty much left on their own, the “double dipping I’m already collecting my pension” TransLink Cops were still handing out no fare tickets….. Some one needs to get their priorities straight.

  3. Wasn’t it just a little while back Translink said the buses weren’t so crowded? Aside from that, there surely must be contingencies to deal with situations like these. If not, then yesterday was a wake up call to formulate plans to deal with even more lengthy disruptions. Hopefully some lessons were learned.