Province says oil and gas projects won’t harm Kitimat airshed

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Province says oil and gas projects won't harm Kitimat airshed

The B.C. government claims an independent study on the Kitimat Airshed sides with industrial growth, as long as it’s properly managed.

An assessment looked at twelve scenarios involving the effects of sulphur and nitrogen emissions, including of a proposed oil refinery and four proposed liquefied natural gas facilities.

Environment Minsiter Mary Polak says it show that the facilities won’t harm people or the environment, as long as emissions standards are met.

“What it tells us is that for any industrial development in the Kitimat airshed, we will have to ensure that our permitting takes into account the impact on the airshed, the information we have in this study will guide us.”

Polak was asked why particulate matter and greenhouse gases emissions weren’t included. She says those issues will be looked at in separate studies.





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    • Would standards for a Refinery be the same as for a LNG plant Site?
      Of course not . . .

      Technology today can make refineries very clean . . . and trap almost ALL particulate.
      Ditto for LNG . . .

      And if you are worried about CO2 . . . the forests around Kitimat are going to luv the additional CO2 . . . they will grow faster, which is good for the lumber industry as well. Ain’t progress grand ! ! !

      Then of course there’s the Revenue from the Thousands of jobs that will be created . . . the billions in taxes that will flow into the Provincial and Federal coffers . . . but I know . . . you’re against that.

      • You have your Master’s degree in just about everything Dale! Are you a professional student,maybe a teacher and you hate yourself? Thousand of short-term jobs you neglect to say! You still think that CC is on target to meet those election promises? When in your great wisdom do you think the billions will start rolling in Dale? When maybe they settle all the FN land claims in BC,sound just about right and when they have to include FN a share your share get cut down to a considerably smaller share of the pie don’t you think?

        • I hear that technology can make oil refineries very clean as the particulates will be trapped. Now..let’s see….I would have thought a clean oil refinery does not produce any particulates and therefore there is no need to trap something that isn’t produced.

          Apparently the same can be said for LNG liquifying trains powered directly by natural gas because technology can prevent GHG (carbon dioxide and water vapour) from being created and spewed into the atmosphere. Explanation: LNG train is industry jargon.

          Well, Ken 280, similar garbage was spewed to claim that coal dust does not fly off coal trains into the surrounding communities because a vortex sucks the coal dust back onto the tracks.

          And I’ll give you 3 guesses where such garbage came from……The first 2 guesses don’t count. I’ll give you a clue-the guy who has a Masters Degree in BS.

        • Unlike the Socialist loons that post on here Ken . . . I have actually led a productive life, acquired many skills and have friends that work at high levels in many industries, including oil and gas.

          I have never bought into Socialist dogma that destroys everything in its path . . . instead I believe in Individual Freedom, low taxes, small government and liberty for all.
          That includes the FN Ken . . . I don’t believe they should be treated like surfs in the 21st century by their Chiefs, who usually squander millions while their band members are treated like captives.