Translink claims buses are less crowded

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Translink claims buses are less crowded

As Metro Vancouver mayors continue to push for a new rapid transit line for the Broadway corridor, the latest research from Translink shows buses are less crowded along some of the busiest routes, including the 99-B-Line to UBC.

Jeff Busby, Translink’s senior manager of project development and network management, acknowledges even though service has been improved, many commuters are still being passed up along that Broadway corridor.

“Our work here is never done. The transit system is growing and what we’re trying to do is make best use of the resources we have available.”

Nathan Woods with the local bus drivers union says he doesn’t need a study to confirm what his members already know.

“South side of the Fraser needs to be focused on obviously. The plan that’s put in place talks a lot about LRT and Skytrain service needing to be put in place. You need buses to get there.”

All 215 bus routes in Metro Vancouver were studied. Ridership numbers have grown by eight million in each of the past three years.


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  1. How many busses go buy “Not In Service”? How many runs are canceled during the day? How many drivers leave early or don’t do there runs at all? These are answers you will never get from CMBC/TransLink or even the union. Back in the day Every bus was in service when it left the depot till the time it arrived back at the depot. The list can go on. Frankly service, reliability and customer service has gotten so bad within this last year its making it unbearable to take TransLink services.

  2. The Beeline bus should be less crowded since UBC students finish their year in April.

    The pushing for more and more transit is fine but what about all the moneys already OWING on Canada Line, Evergreen Line, Golden Ears Bridge, Port Mann Bridge?

    If there’re not enough buses going from Commercial Drive to Granville st, perhaps people can take the Skytrain downtown and bus out of downtown area going to Granville? And them students who will be going to UBC in Septermber get started a bit earlier like the rest of us who got to get to Tax paying jobs in time fighting traffic and some of the obstructions caused by bus lanes and bicycle paths that slows down vehicular traffic, eh?

  3. Every go by the Translink building in Sapperton, if not, do it. You will see all the expensive cars that Translink upper brass drive to work. It should be like in Asia where if you work for transit you are expected to use it to go to and from work no matter if you are an intern or the president.

  4. Being transit reliant should be a pre-requisite for any and all Translink personnel. Give them all a bus pass and remove any car allowance. Then we’ll see if they still sing the same tune.

  5. The 100 is usualy packed , along with the Main , and Fraiser Buses , The 49 ,and 41 , along with the 25 , all are packed , the 99 is packed because it’s free , And that is what this city needs , a free cross city transit , from burnaby to the west end , And not just for tourists ,

    • Sorry not sure how it’s free. Someone is paying for it, and it’s not from collecting fares. The tax payers already subsidize this to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.