Transgender girl prompts policy changes for Catholic school district

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Transgender girl prompts policy changes for Catholic school district

It’s the first Catholic school district of its kind in Canada to have a transgender policy, and it’s here in Vancouver.

Tracey Wilson, an 11 year old transgender girl, launched a human rights complaint after her school failed to accommodate her.

Now the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese says action will be taken.

“It’s definitely provided us with a sense of closure on the issue, and has helped empower Tracey to know that her bravery has helped make lives better for future kids like her to come,” said Tracey’s mother Michelle.

Her lawyer Barbara Findlay says the decision is significant.

“The school board has agreed that they have a policy which will permit trans students to be accommodated, right up to and including changing pronouns and names, if that’s what their physicians recommend, and their case management group concludes.”

Wilson moved to a public school two years ago after she says the way she was treated caused her stress and anxiety.

The archdiocese policy says students who request to be accommodated will be assigned a case management team, that will come up with a plan to give the students what they need.

Such plans could include using a student’s preferred name and gender pronoun, as well as allowing them to choose their uniform and use the washroom that reflects their gender identity.

Tracey says she hopes the policy means other transgender students won’t have to deal with the stress and anxiety she experienced.


  1. It is about time that faith-based educational institutes adopted modern and accommodating poliicies.

    I attended a school predominately attended by students from the same religion in the 1940′s and experienced both religious and racial discrimination (a double whammy).

    The obvious response was to attend another more-tolerant school but that was not an option nor was it allowed.

    Having said that, I congratulate the Catholic School District for its initiatives.