The Captain is in a class by himself

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The Captain is in a class by himself

It was the major league baseball all-star game last night in Minnesota, and while I like many of you don’t have a whole lot of use for these corporate jock sniffing exercises, what it did give me a chance to do was once again watch Derek Jeter in action among his contemporaries.

Let me tell you something, The CAPTAIN is in a class by himself.

Jeter’s skills have been on display in New York with the Yankees now for two decades, and he is a sure fire first ballot hall of famer.

But what sets him apart from his peers isn’t just his skill set, it is his attitude. He not only loves to play, he loves to play hard and knows no other way to play the game.

You can’t fake playing hard…people try, and those are the ones we call posers. Jeter’s argument about playing hard is simple yet is resonates…why not?

Jeter spoke on FOX TV last night and said that he plays a kid’s game for three hours a day, he gets four to five at bats, and if he’s lucky will have a dozen touches of the ball. So why not?

There are many of my colleagues who have interviewed baseball players and have found them to be lacking more than any other group of athletes. They are more belligerent, more entitled and in most cases just downright rude. Jeter again asks why?

There is no simple answer.

So as the major league baseball season winds down, so does Derek Jeter’s career.

If you are interested in the game, have a look at Jeter and the Yankees down the stretch, and do what everyone in the game has been doing all year, give Jeter a tip of your cap, because he has certainly earned it.


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