Stalemate continues in education dispute

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Stalemate continues in education dispute

The stalemate in the education labour battle continues with no end in sight.

This despite BCTF president Jim Iker and BC Government lead negotiator Peter Cameron talking on the phone today.

It is the first time the two have talked since bargaining hit a wall at the end of June.

Neither side will reveal what was talked about.

But the Teacher’s union says as far as the bargaining stalemate nothing has changed.

Iker is pushing for both sides to enter mediation with Justice Stephen Kelleher in August.

However in a statement Education minister Peter Fassbender shot down hopes of bringing in a mediator next month.

Fassbender says the union refuses to put its compensation on the table for mediation so no go on that front.

The minister was unavailable for an interview.

The full statement from Education minister Peter Fassbender is included below.

VICTORIA – Education Minister Peter Fassbender released the following
statement on discussions with the BC Teachers’ Federation:

“Today, the BC Public School Employers’ Association’s (BCPSEA) Chief
Negotiator, Peter Cameron, contacted the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF)
President Jim Iker to discuss the status of negotiations.

“In early July, the parties held exploratory discussions with Justice
Stephen Kelleher to determine whether the time was right for mediation.

“Unfortunately, the BCTF executive would not commit to mediating a total
compensation package that would fall in the same affordability zone as
the other public sector agreements reached to date.

“Justice Kelleher found that mediation was not indicated at that time and
nothing material has changed since then.

“BCPSEA stands ready to negotiate anytime, with or without a mediator,
whenever the BCTF is ready to commit to a fair and affordable settlement
that is in line with the other public sector agreements reached to date.

“Government wants to see a negotiated agreement but remains firm in its
commitment to balance the budget and deal fairly with all 300,000 B.C.
public sector workers.”


  1. Will ole Iker pare down his long list of demands?

    As the teachers pay for their own wage increase . . . how many years will it take to catch up what they have lost?

    Having watched the BCTF for over 30 years now . . . it is long past time to make membership Optional . . . and free the captives.

    • The BCTF has really done a number on Teachers over those years. Remember when Teachers were respected, and actually had a profession?
      Now they are looked at as whiners, greedy, selfish. bullies etc.
      Why can’t the Teachers see what these crazies are doing?