North Shore immigrants group denounces complaints about Chinese bus ads

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North Shore immigrants group denounces complaints about Chinese bus ads

The head of a group on the North Shore that helps newcomers to Canada is weighing in on a complaints being made about Chinese advertisements on bus ads in West Vancouver.

City councillors have been fielding calls about stickers that have been placed on the bus ads along Marine Drive by a group called Putting Canada First, which claims the city is starting to look more like Hong Kong than Canada.

Elizabeth Jones with the North Shore Multicultural Society says it’s clear the group has concerns about immigration, but perhaps with varying degrees of knowledge on the issue.

She says most residents empathize with the struggles of new immigrants to Canada.

“They are just learning to read and working very hard to be able to read those signs in English. And to be able to assist them in their first months of immigration by having a bilingual sign, I don’t think should be an issue.”


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  1. These people running around , putting up stickers , no matter who’s doing it , in a way is
    littering , One does not want the North Shore looking like like China Town in Vancouver ,
    Because It’s dirty and unkept . When were the building last power washed , and the windows
    washed ? And those red and yellow sighns are an eye sore , Not in verry good tast ,
    As well as unorganized .

  2. My understanding is that some are unilingual, not bilingual. Anyway, one of the rules to immigrate to Canada is to have a basic proficiency in English or French – in fact you have to pass an English or French test! How did these people get into Canada without passing this test???

  3. If the group had a beef about public dollars beeing spent on a public sign written in other than English or French then they might have had a leg to stand on.

    The signs in question are private advertisements so they should mind their own business or they would need to complain about menus written in Italian etc as well.

    That they stick up for Canada’s culture is admirable however.
    People come here to see it just like I go to see, the world.

    When I go abroad, I avoid anything written in English as I like to immerse myself in another culture.

  4. Elizabeth Jones says, “They are just learning to read etc, etc, etc.”

    So Liz. All the “New Canadians” living in Richmond are new comers. Other wise why are their signs never in English? I don’t go there much but when I do, up and down #3 rd I have NEVER seen one in one of the official languages.

    Back in the day, yes i’m old, you went to night school to learn. You didn’t expect to show up and have free medical etc etc etc.

    I remember years ago, about 15, a Korean lady walked down the street with her son. My mother said something to him and he just stood there with a blank look on his face. He was about 4 or 5. My mother said, “Doesn’t he talk”? His mother who spoke perfect English said, “Yes, but we only teach him Korean. They will teach him English when he go’s to school”. Boy. No wonder this country is going down hill. And the real kick in the groin to the tax payers was that the kid was born here.

    Sure hope us tax payers are getting good return on our tax money for the votes the “Brightest and the Best are getting”.

  5. “to assist them in their first months of immigration by having a bilingual sign” Seriously? No, if you want to move to Canada, learn to read, write and speak one of the 2 official languages, plain and simple. If the situation were reversed, you think that China would offer bilingual signs for me? Um, no, I’d have to learn on my own, PDQ.

    • Why are people keep repeating the misconception that English is an official language of Canada? There is nothing in the Charter of Rights that state this.
      The Bilingual Act applies only to the Federal Government and its services. The Federal Government has no jurisdiction in this matter. BC can pass a law saying English is the official language for this province but there is no such law.

  6. The race baiters are out in full force again. This is not racist. This is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to ANYONE wanting to learn English. All it does is make people LAZY. My wife is an ESL teacher and MANY new comers have said this to her, that Vancouver causes it’s language problems by not forcing people to learn English. Heres the thing, most of those students speak better English than those who lived here 20 years!! There should be NO favoritism to ANY group. This is Canada, we speak ENGLISH in BC. You don’t like it, get out! I applaud the group taking a stand, though sticking stickers on things isn’t great unless it’s the ads themselves. As a world traveler I have NEVER seen any other country pander to English speakers like we pander to non-English speakers here! You should all be ashamed that YES, Canada is losing it’s identity.

  7. I am truly fed up with all the Chinese signs around. I don’t live in Richmond but have to pass through there a lot and there has been NO attempt to lessen the Chinese language signs. I am surprised it is going on in West Van. I agree, there are two, get that, two official languages in this country English and French. This is getting out of control. You should have to learn one of those languages before you immigrate here. It should be a requirement to get in to the country. Period. It should NOT be up to the Canadian taxpayer to pay to teach them to learn English. I recently went into Winners in Richmond and the washroom had ONLY Chinese signs on them. I did not know which one was the ladies room. I talked to the manager. Whether it was rectified I don’t know I have never been in that store since and don’t plan to.

  8. We live in great place when something like this makes the news as an issue. Personally I just ignore signs I don’t understand and don’t even think twice. In Japan and China there are many English only media magazines / newspapers catering to the many Canadians / Americans who work there. In Montenegro many rich Russians buy property and bring in private yachts and this raises up housing prices and sure there are Russian signs / ads here and there whereas original locals mostly speak Serbian. Welcome to the global economy.