Fraser River may undergo dredging to protect nearby property

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Fraser River may undergo dredging to protect nearby property

The new strategy to prevent flooding in the Lower Mainland may involve more dredging.

Plans to protect 50-billion dollars worth of property could include further deepening the Fraser River.

Tom Lively with Fraser River Pile & Dredge says his company already has a long term contract to safely remove sediment deposits for Port Metro Vancouver.

“Mostly, it’s going into pre-loads for future buildings. A significant amount of that sand was used, for instance, on the South Fraser Perimeter Road, quite a large volume was used in the Port Mann Bridge road project.”

Lively admits dredging is not possible in some areas because they’re in a seismic zone.

Concerns have also been raised about the disruption of salmon beds.


    • There is no problem dredging in a seismic zone. The discussion was about managing the river channel to keep it within its existing banks. This is done by either dredging or diking or a combination of the two. If you rely on only diking, eventually the river bottom will get to be higher than the surrounding area. This increases the cost of building dikes especially since we are in a seismic zone and increases the risk of flooding should any of those dikes fail. The Fraser River is managed using a combination of dredging and diking.

  1. May be to off set the cost , one could run some slush boxes with the gravel , after the over burden was removed , In the old days , when they dreged the river in Edmonton , the guys used to put blankets on the deck of the barge , and dump the gravel on them . At the end of a load they were shaken out , for the gold .