70 year old injured by out of control skateboarder

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Sometimes the dangers of skateboarding impact people who aren’t the ones riding the board.

A 70 year old North Vancouver man is injured after being hit by an out of control boarder last night around nine o’ clock in the 100 block West of 15th Street.

His wrist and forearm are broken in four places.

The skateboarder lost control on speed bumps coming out of an alley.

After a very brief apology, the teenage skateboarder took off.


    • Maybe it could be because a lot of cities and municipalities all across BC and Canada are considering an anti skateboarder by-law. and this is just one more reason to get it pasted

    • Are we allowed to tell it as it is here?
      Its news because the only council that I know of that think that long boarding is ok on roads that they are not licenced to be on, would be the District of North Vancouver……and the parents of these poor darlings. Their parents cannot deny them this if it is what ‘they want’, right?
      These kids have No license to do use these roads ; they cannot hear traffic, they cannot see traffic; No rear view mirror; they may be physically 15,16,17 etc but….their brains are not developed to make rational decisions. They hang around intersection corners and if you are driving and get to that corner to make a turn?……. they do not move. Not one bit. You have to honk! Not just once but sometimes twice. They then more or less take their time to move and …. you might then also get ‘the finger’! Yup! That is what is being ‘raised’ these days. Question. Why Did the District of North Vancouver make this legal?? Where are their brains…they ARE adults [ I think :) ].

  1. The combination of inconsiderate young punks and a skateboard is lethal to all of us.

    Not much the cops can do..as the problem started at Home a long time ago when the little darling didn’t get a no from his doting parents.

  2. Its time people took a stand and take these punks out. Skateboaders , roller bladeer and bikes are not LEGAL to be on sidewalks.They buzz along and want you to get out of theyre way , me never.One of these punks fowl mouthed me and said he was going to mess me up. I told him to go ahead and try but make sure they had room in the atensive care ready . Of course he just made the normal morron coments and ran off. These people cryed for skateboard parks and we made them but most of them don’t use them.If they hit you no matter how small the hit take them to court.