Wildfire update

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Wildfire update

The Prince George Fire Centre says it is keeping a concerned eye on the weather as the big Mount McAllister wildfire burns near Hudsons Hope.

Fire Information officer Jill Kelsh says tomorrow’s forecast could cause problems.

“We are expecting more of a windy day, which could definitely impact the fire behaviour.”

As for when the 20,000 hectare fire could reach Hudsons Hope, Kelsh says “We don’t have an exact time frame on when it would reach Hudsons Hope. At this point there has been no official distance of how far it is from Hudsons Hope. We are hoping to find out a little more information tonight.”

An evacuation order is in place affecting about 1100 people in Hudsons Hope and another 200 BC Hydro staff who were working in the area.

Kelsh says the 20-thousand hectare blaze is burning too hot and moving to fast making it dangerous to attack it from the ground.

“At this point we have heavy equipment and crews standing by but until it is safe to actually get them in and on the fire we don’t have anyone that is actually on the ground fighting the fire at the moment.”

Near Penticton the Apex mountain fire has now grown to 100 hectares in size.

Ground crews are also standing down due to heat and danger as air tankers battle the flames from above.

Across the province more than 100 fires are burning.

The Wildfire Management Branch says to date there have been 577 fires in BC so far this year.

Last year at this time 431.

It is the busiest fire activity in BC over the last five years.

BC is not going it alone when it comes to battling wildfires.

To our South a number of fires burning in Eastern Washington State have prompted a state of emergency to be declared in 20 counties, including Spokane.

The largest fire in the state is the 91-hundred hectare Mills Canyon fire.

Over 1000 firefighters are working to contain the blaze.

In Alberta there are 18 wildfires, including the Spreading Creek fire near Banff.

Three are out of control, six are contained.