Education dispute might affect when school will start this Fall

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Education dispute might affect when school will start this Fall

BC’s Finance minister is raising the spectre of schools opening not in September but later in the fall if a deal is not reached with BC’s striking teachers over the summer.

Mike De Jong says his government will not be recalling the legislature early in order to legislate teachers back to work.

The BC Legislature is not due to sit again until October.

“If September comes along and that hasn’t happened it would be a mistake to assume that the government is going to rush into the legislative assembly to impose an agreement. In those circumstances there will be ongoing disruption. I know who feels the pain then it is the families of students.”

He says teachers should not expect any deal outside the settlement pattern of other public sector unions.


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  1. How can this guy, one of the brightest and the best, come out saying that the dispute might affect when school will start?

    Why just yesterday snookums at a photo opp said that it wasn’t going to simmer indicating that she was going to handle it!

    Doesn’t this guy watch snookums photo opp’s?

      • Actually, it has been BCPSEA that has been unresponsive.. The BCTF has been attempting all summer and have pointed out the available dates for the mediator.

        BTW — why is it De Jong that is talking and not the Minster of Education himself?

      • You are so correct Willie. It is tough to get them to the table. Especially when the teachers side says they are ready to come to the table at any time. And you are also correct about “summer vacay”! It is actually spelled vacation. snookums and her ilk sure don’t want to miss out on the good weather and all the photo opp’s. YA NO!!!

  2. Other sectors didn’t, at least to my knowledge, have their collective bargaining agreement ripped up or have their constitutional rights trampled. Name me one other sector that has had to deal with something as big as class composition.

  3. If teachers were running out of money for food after 2 days of rotating strikes and the BCTF was telling members to get in touch with their mortgage holders to get relief before the full strike first week was over, how is it going to be if the first paycheque of september is missing?

    Not a great deal of foresight from the BCTF and it’s member. It also shows a complete disconnect with the reality of finances and budgeting. Perhaps that is why Iker’s response to the government is just give the teachers what the BCTF is demanding and we can get a deal. Iker and the BCTF doesn’t seem to get the fact that all the extras cost money and it comes out of the pockets of taxpayers.

    No problem with a fair increase (what all the other unions have settled for) and some moves for composition as long as the money for composition is connected to stopping school administrators and teachers from removing funds for specific kids and use the money elsewhere.

  4. Why would the Liberals legislate? It’s a hug saving every week teachers are out and private schools look more attractive to parents. This is part of the big picture and plan to move education to the private sector.

    • Lorax, if the Teachers are so smart why don’t you stop this devious plot and go back to work? That would really screw up their plan? And the Private schools.
      The fact is the Government is not going to bail you out., this time.
      You made the mess, you get out of it. Start making real world decisions, if in fact your union is capable.
      A Justice of the SC has told you that the sides are too far apart for mediation. Yet your union continues to demand mediation. Funny how you get so totally behind the SC when it is in your favour, but ignore it, if it isn’t?
      Another BCTF double standard?

  5. For sure the teacher’s contract was written in the Premier’s office some weeks ago. Just waiting for some slow news day to recall the legislature. When a Lieberal says something “for sure” you just gotta know what is going to happen next.

  6. If only Teachers actually read what their union was demanding. It would be easy to see why a deal hasn’t been reached. Section 1, 5e, and 6 for example who $3000 per year in massage therapy benefits, 250M more in increased benefits money on top of the existing gravy benefits, $5000 signing bonus, more additional days off adding up to more days off then school days, the list goes on. All ‘for the kids’ of course. Ironically in order to approve this gravy, we have the raise taxes on the people of this province who already have it worse then Teachers. And we’d be putting out kids generation in to further debt. Please for the kids stop these gravy demands.

    • It was $3000 over a 6 year contract (that’s $500 per year), even though that may seem extreme. Please get your facts straight.

      As for the “more days off” — you obviously are including weekends in your calculations. Do you not have weekends off or should we add those into an analysis of the number of days off you have per year? You would therefore have at least 110 days off per year — 2 days x 52 weeks plus 6 stat holidays.

      I guess for you, $70 Billion in debt (and counting) is really ‘Debt Free BC”

      • Sorry, you’re wrong. Try reading the actual BCTF proposal prior to commenting:

        BCTF Proposal U65 Article B (under the u70 umbrella proposal)

        Section 5e:
        Massage Therapist 2015: $600 2016: $700

        Section 6:
        Massage Therapist $3,000 per year, if service prescribed by doctor.

        There rest of section 5 are the other services such at naturopath and acupuncture., those are 600 per year in 2014 moving to 700 per year in 2015.

        Section 1 is the 20,000 in 2014 for fertility treatments, moving to 30,000 in in 2015. That is a life time limit.

        And with regard to days off, the proposal also includes a reduction for elementary teachers of 3 hours per week of instruction time, this would require hiring of teachers to cover those 3 hours or allowing teachers to continue to work them and get extra pay.

        • Teachers Read ? Most had zero input into the long list of demands and are woefully ignorant of their incompetent bargaining group led by the far-left Iker.

          For over a century, there has been a mass illusion that has been fostered by beneficiaries of tax money. This money has gone to teachers and educators. This illusion is as follows: state certification necessary to be a good teacher.
          This illusion has been basic to the creation of the teachers’ union. It is this commitment to what is laughingly known as professionalism that has been the basis of legal barriers to entry.
          There was never any scientific or any other kind of evidence that indicated that going through a teacher-training program designed by men and women on college faculties would in any way improve the education of children.
          People who teach in MBA programs have never owned businesses. Professors get themselves licensed by their own group, few of whom have had any experience in the free market, where profit and loss determine who survives and who fails. Then, having created a state-mandated barrier to entry, they earn above-market wages paid by taxpayers.

  7. Iker has just handed over to Christy a 250 million cheque for his chest beating strike and another 200 million will come from CUPE by the end of summer why on earth would the government capitulate to an union boss who is on his knees. The BCTF is broke and Vince Ready and a judge have both thumbed their noses at the BCTF’s pleas for intervention. Christie has her stilettos firmly planted on Iker’s throat and you know she is not going to twist it until Labour day. By then she’ll have 450 million in salary savings which she will pour into special needs just before she legislates Iker to the principal’s office. Iker reminds me of a terrorist who just found himself in the middle of minefield that he planted. The only problem is Christy has the only map. The teachers should have elected the Marx Brothers as prez.