No action planned after concerns raised over Chinese advertisements

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No action planned after concerns raised over Chinese advertisements

Another controversy is swirling over Chinese language signs in the Lower Mainland.

The group “Putting Canada First” is taking issue with West Vancouver bus shelter ads along Marine Drive, claiming if it goes unchecked, the area will look more like Hong Kong than Canada.

City Councillor Craig Cameron says while people are entitled to their opinions, he doesn’t agree.

“I think in the last few years because of the real estate boom that there are more Chinese immigrants coming to Vancouver, and I think that is causing concern for some people who live in the community who feels it’s a threat. I personally don’t, I don’t see it as a threat at all.”

Vancouver East NDP MP Libby Davies says it’s absurd.

“I find it really concerning that a group would be so intolerant and uptight about it, and I think it’s important that we speak out and say this is not acceptable in our city.”

Cameron says the city has no jurisdiction over languages on signage.

All bus shelter ads are owned by the Pattison Group.


  1. As long as we all recognize that once there are enough immigrants to start taking over Government they won’t be anywhere near as magnanimous as the whimpy Politicians we have now.

  2. This should be a non issue. Any business that does not advertise in English is saying that they don’t want non-Chinese customers-easy solution for me-I will go elsewhere. Getting government involved in policing language might turn us into………Quebec.

    The real story here is Libby Davies’ choice of words: ” this is not acceptable in our city.” She is a “progressive” and self styled progressives talk a good game when it comes to tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity-until someone chooses to believe something the progressives do not. Make no mistake about it-if Davies had her way there would be consequences for the members of the Putting Canada First group. Progressives believe in “my way or the highway” and the evidence is out there every day if you just pay attention.

  3. let’s face it, some people just want what Canada has to give them or what they can get, they do not have any interest in Canada or its way of life, watch out when they are in power, Libby should go to china and see if they are willing to allowed her the freedom of her point of view and publish it in the newspapers and in the media . What can I say she wants votes at any cost, silly women ,

    I support , Put Canada First ,

    • We always knew that you keep things in your life incredibly simple….now we know that you are also intolerant and naive.

      Open your closed mind. There is a big beautiful world out there with people more tolerant than you.

      What a dinasaur.

  4. We live in great place when something like this makes the news as an issue. Personally I just ignore signs I don’t understand and don’t even think twice. In Japan and China there are many English only media magazines / newspapers catering to the many Canadians / Americans who work there. In Montenegro many rich Russians buy property and bring in private yachts and this raises up housing prices and sure there are Russian signs / ads here and there whereas original locals mostly speak Serbian. Welcome to the global economy.