Maple Ridge Mayor doesn’t think Golden Ears Bridge toll increase will discourage commuters

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Maple Ridge Mayor doesn't think Golden Ears Bridge toll increase will discourage commuters

The price of going over the Golden Ears Bridge got a little steeper Tuesday.

Translink says the increase of between a nickel and 15 cents, depending on the vehicle you drive, is because of inflation.

Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin doesn’t think that’ll stop people from going over the bridge that connects Langley to Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

“Maple Ridge, if I have a meeting in Langley, I can be there in 15 or 20 minutes, as opposed to pre-bridge, going around the Port Mann or with the ferry, well over an hour.”

The bridge is expected to lose 35 million dollars a year, blamed on much lower than anticipated traffic levels.


  1. It’s not losing 35 million , it’s just not collecting the money they planned, the toll on this and the Port Mann is outrageous. I just took the South Perimeter Road from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal the other night and it took only 47 minutes to get to Coquitlam Centre. No Toll .! Who paid for that road ? Why the taxpayers , all of us , I will only use it 3 times a year but I paid for it , these bridges should have never been build with tolls unless we start tolling more fairly. Like on the clowns who have weekend properties in Whistler , oh wait a minute they are big Liberal supporters who also benefit from the lower business taxes, minimum wage legislation etc etc. Meanwhile folks who make average family wages and have to buy homes in the Valley( due to a whole other set of circumstances as Bruce Allen talked about yesterday) but work in Burnaby or Vancouver stuck with another cost.

  2. Well, Mayor Ernie can vote himself a raise if tolls become too onerous. The rest of us don’t have that luxury. But I give him credit for thinking like a Politician. Dream world.

  3. I think that the first five words in the headline sum it up as best it could be said about him.


  4. I will continue to avoid the bridge. I’ll use it only if the #1 thru Langley/Abby is clogged with problems. It’s ridiculous that they keep putting the tolls up. Simple math should tell these “best and brightest” that if you lower the tolls then more will use the bridge. Look at the Port Mann, they put them up there and more, like me, head to the Pattullo.

  5. Dumb and dumber.

    A grade school child could see the obvious here. Lower to tolls and more people will use it.

    There sure is a whole lot of stupid people in our current government.

    • The way you wrote “Politician’s are dumb” would be spelt “Politician is are dumb.” Proper use of commas and apostrophes, as well as capitalized letters would help you quite a bit.