Transit Police work on plan to help those with mental health

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The Chief of Transit Police says they are working on a plan to help the small number of people with mental health issues that can create large delays for commuters.

Neil Dubord says they want to a way to help those who with mental illness, not just deal with a problem and send them on their way.

However, he says with transit running through 22 jurisdictions and 17 police agencies it’s not a simple solution.

“We have many different partners to deal with all who have different consistencies in how they treat mental illness within their communities. So, Surrey is quite different than Richmond is quite different than Burnaby which is quite different from Vancouver.”

Dubord says they should have a plan in place by fall for how to connect people in need with those who can help them with medication and treatment.


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