Top Doc concerned with higher speed limits

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Top Doc concerned with higher speed limits

B.C.’s medical health officer wants the government to reverse its plans to adjust highway speed limits.

Doctor Perry Kendall says drivers can be allowed to go faster on roads with good conditions, such as wide lanes and a median.

But he tells CKNW’s Bill Good says that’s not what the government picked in its recent highway speed overhaul.

“Increasing the speed limits encourages people to drive faster and it is associated in almost every study that one looks at with increased fatalities and increased severity of the crashes.”

The province announced earlier this month it would raise the top speed on certain divided, multi-lane highways, like the Coquihalla, to 120 kilometres an hour, up from 110.


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  1. Doc: I’d be a lot happier if you were making comments about the levels of bureaucracy in our medical system, the long waits for critical diagnostic services, crowded facilities, funneling of our tax dollars, that could be used to fund health care and other pressing issues in British Columbia, to Quebec and (now) Ontario and the mismanagement of our tax dollars in the system. Care to make a comment about the fraud among users of our system or use of the system by those who haven’t put a nickle into it? How about the use of tax dollars for pretty artwork when the money could be better spent on patient care? How about the penchant for bureaucrats to be more concerned about their creature comforts and less concerned about patient care?
    Although I appreciate the nanny-state’s concern over our safety, it would be better if you ‘stuck to your knitting’. The higher speed limits will probably take care of itself and just thin out the shallow end of the gene pool.

      • Ken . . . how are things at the shallow end of the gene pool?

        The reality is . . . for you and the Doc . . . cars are Safer today than at any time in the past, numerous air bags, sensors that apply the brakes, traction control, skid control excellent tires and brakes are the norm. A difference of 6 miles an hour on highway changes nothing.
        The FACT is that most accidents are caused by Driver ERROR (incompetence) and substance abuse.
        Perhaps we need higher driving standards?
        I have driven in Germany on the Autobahn several times . . . no speed limit yet accidents are rare. Why do you suppose that is?

        Better to educate the sluggish drivers to drive in the Right Lane and not create impediments to traffic flow . . . I know its tough for you Ken . . . but please drive in the RIGHT lane and stay out of the way.

  2. “Increasing the speed limits encourages people to drive faster and it is associated in almost every study that one looks at with increased fatalities and increased severity of the crashes.”

    So all the reports and studies provided by SENSE BC are fraud then?

  3. Doc -stick to what you know, like pushing worthless flu vaccination serum ! The increase in speed limits only goes to recognize the speeds people are already travelling at routinely…it doesn’t encourage people to drive faster than what they are already doing !

  4. Kendall,
    I, for one, am damn proud of the fact that a funny little thing called democracy still trumps people like you.

    Crashes are caused by the driver’s inability to control their vehicle on that piece of road under those conditions.

    By far the most speeding tickets are issued on straight clear stretches in nice weather in daylight…exactly the opposite of the crash conditions.

    If you were HONESTLY concerned about driving safety, you would refer to the numerous studies that show this and lobby for police to issue tickets at intersections where most crashes happen.

  5. Ken has probably not driven the highway. I have for over twenty years including university years. I applaud the changes. And, no it won’t mean more dangerous drivers. Just look at the studies.