Johnsons Landing residents still feel abandoned by province after deadly landslide 2 years ago

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Johnsons Landing residents still feel abandoned by province after deadly landslide 2 years ago

Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of when a torrent of mud and debris roared down on the tiny Kootenay hamlet of Johnsons Landing.

Local Kate O’Keefe says it’s a difficult time, as residents remember the father, his two daughters, and a German tourist killed in the massive landslide.

“I’m still working with a counsellor to get over some of the problems associated for me, the two year anniversary they say is a particularly difficult time, a lot of the young people who were affected by the death of the two children are receiving counselling again, just because it brings it all back again, it’s a difficult time.”

Nelson-Creston NDP MLA Michelle Mungall laments the lack of compensation to effected residents as the government refuses to buy-out the properties.

“Families who have lost their homes due to the mudslide in Johnsons Landing not only have to continue to pay property taxes, but they can’t sell, there is just no value to their property anymore.”

An evacuation order for the area remains in effect.


    • Would you like to put this to referenda and see how many taxpayers would agree to buy these people out! You speak like an extreme right winged fascist probably retired have your home paid off and living te easy life.Golf anyone! If this happen to you would you be saying? Some people in BC! Its hard to believe how far we have come in this province to build this type of attitude of uncaring people, but some 30years back we all had to care about you!

  1. These things happen so seldom, why can’t the province buy out the property owners based on the last assessed value? To continue to charge property tax on worthless property is simply neither fair nor just.
    The Premier has $6,000,000 for defence of aides in the BC Rail scandal, or call by-elections to ensure she has a seat – what would the buyout cost be for some 20 properties?

    • Sure, one fast ferry or the money saved with the teachers strike could pay for them too. Irrelevant.
      If it happened more often would that make a difference to your argument? It’s not as rare as you might think. Properties are badly eroded, burned out, etc much more than just those that make the headlines. Once these are “bought out” there will be a rush for similar settlements of past disasters and precedent set for those yet to come. All insurance claims must also be closed or exhausted before even a small settlement is considered.

      • Still stuck on a fast ferry Ronny we give the Jobs away for ferries also and the German super ferry’s are parked most of the time! Disasters do not happen like this one has and it should be compensated as the farmers crops are when the Fraser floods its banks. If you think that it will be a flood gate for claims, only the right wing would stand up and demand money if someone else seemed to get some under hardship! If these people can’t sell there should be a buy out! Its is only fair.You must be getting pay you comment on everything and show your Liberal bias,even if this story is about hardship and not being able to save for their future retirement in selling their homes as we all buy for our futures retirement people will not buy in this scary place.

  2. Typical of this cruel and heartless government. Always money for their own personal gain and buddies from corporations but a few innocent people who have had their lives ruined can’t get help. No surprise considering how people on disability are treated here as well.