Metro Van says you can still water the kids and the plants

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Metro Van says you can still water the kids and the plants

With no rain in sight and temperatures rising, it’s a good thing Metro Vancouver’s water supply is holding up.

Glenn Bohn with the regional district says reservoir levels are at about 90% — with watering restrictions in place to help keep it that way.

But, only being able to water your lawn in the morning during the summer doesn’t mean you can’t break out the sprinkler to help your kids to keep cool.

“These are restrictions for lawns only. You are welcome to set up the sprinkler, and aim it a bit to the kids and the garden, people are still welcome to use this water for vegetables and flowers.”

Bohn says the restrictions conserve high quality drinking water for better uses as the summer heats up.


  1. Q) How much more or less water is on the planet today than there was on the first day of our planet?

    Q) How much water freely falls from lakes to creeks to ocean without value (no fish habitat, no drinking, no power)?

    Q) 41% of Vancouver people now consume water from an imported bottle as opposed to their tap, is an occurance to the degree that Metro Vancouver – Water District actually advertises on their cars their request for people to drink water from their taps,

    There is NO water shortage.
    There is a management problem.

    Enough water is wasted into the ocean on the coast of BC to grow broccoli in the Mojave.