Major upgrades needed to Fraser River dikes, province says

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Major upgrades needed to Fraser River dikes, province says

While much of the province is on alert for wildfires, a new report from the provincial government contains bad news for anyone living in flood-prone territory from Hope to Mission.

All but one of the 15 dikes along the Fraser River in that region are too low to prevent high waters from causing damage.

Many were built more than 30 years ago and designed to withstand levels reached when the largest flooding on record dated back to 1894.

Research based on climate change shows major upgrades are needed.


  1. So glad the province didn’t just agree to give the BCTF what they wanted. Obviously money is needed else on Civil projects to prevent the loss of life / safety like this.

    • Are you a stuck record the province will settle and if the courts hold up ruling twice won what will you say then ? You are right and they were wrong! If they have no money to settle the courts orders, where, oh! where will they get the money for the dikes. Your LNG and oil are not in the cards for years to come and this is now, not then! Spin this one!

      • For over a century, there has been a mass illusion that has been fostered by beneficiaries of tax money. This money has gone to teachers and educators. This illusion is as follows: state certification necessary to be a good teacher.
        This illusion has been basic to the creation of the teachers’ union. It is this commitment to what is laughingly known as professionalism that has been the basis of legal barriers to entry.
        There was never any scientific or any other kind of evidence that indicated that going through a teacher-training program designed by men and women on college faculties would in any way improve the education of children.
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        It is all a farce. It is summarized by the slogan we have all heard: “He who can, does. He who can’t, teaches. He who can’t teach, teaches teachers.”

  2. This isn’t 1894 , and sounds like a make work project . how convient , may be we can bring in more workers from over seas to do the work . or even better hire Canadians , wow what a novel idea . A few trucks a few loaders , a good supply of till and rock , and away you go , no big deal right , you know if you ignore them , they might go away , but don’t count on it .