First Nation lays claim to Riverview lands in wake of Supreme Court ruling

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First Nation lays claim to Riverview lands in wake of Supreme Court ruling

A local First Nation is acting on a recent court ruling to try and lay claim to the Riverview lands.

The Kwikwetlem First Nation has released a statement saying it wants to own the area in Coquitlam and lead the development there.

The band cited last month’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which gave another B.C. band, the Tsilhqot’in, title to large areas of land used historically for hunting and fishing.

The Kwikwetlem says it wants to see maximum benefits for itself come out of the Riverview development.

BC Housing is currently consulting with the public on ways to develop the grounds.


    • You must be thinking federally.
      He’s sure not my favourite leader, but the Campbell government accomplished more on this front than any province in Canada? A lot of people thought he was wasting his time on it, yet many historical agreements were celebrated.
      The Supreme Court decision will no doubt bring on a lot more grief like this, but they don’t concern themselves with any consequences of their rulings. We all know they can do no wrong.

  1. Did you expect anything else from this insane and unfair court decision. This is only the beginning, just wait. Harper should rescind the money’s paid thru Indian Affairs immediately until some sanity is shown by the Bands. I hope some government appeals this decision, but I doubt if ours will. The Indians have the Libs in their pocket.

  2. He He and they will be looking for you to pony up also! Get ready to pay up you after all these years of putting yourself up as superior! These supporters will be red faced for many years with embarrassment, treating the FN with distain and disrespect in everything you Liberals supporters write about the FN.

  3. It says that they want to own the property , and the ruleing in court has to do with former lands used for hunting and fishing , what is the history of this band , are they useing it for hunting and fishing ? Or is this just a pie in the ski idea ,
    Look at Manitoba’s case in court , the ruleing was in faver with the Province , over a Mine’s ownership . And looking at what is at steake , we need River View to remain in the Province’s
    controle , and build a detox center , and swet loges , on part of the site, Where they to could experance healing .