City defends itself after another bad accident on 96th Avenue in Surrey

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City defends itself after another bad accident on 96th Avenue in Surrey

Surrey City Councilor Tom Gill

Concern continues to grow among parents and students in Surrey after a serious pedestrian crash on 96th avenue – where there are no traffic lights.

A serious pedestrian crash leaving two young women in Surrey in serious condition has many questioning why there are is still no traffic signal in the 96th avenue intersection, a year after a request had been put in.

Surrey City Councillor Tom Gill says it’s taking a bit more time because there’s a certain level of engineering that needs to be done too.

“In June of 2014 Council approved additional works to be constructed at that site to permit a signalized crosswalk at that site.”

Gill says in the meantime, an interm crosswalk has been placed at the intersection while the City awaits the construction of the new traffic signal.


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    • “Robert J Bedford: We have to clean house at City Hall all these goofs must GO”

      Do you ever give up? Provide us reasons. Tell us how they have failed us! Do some work and convince us.

  1. There was a time when drivers were taught to drive defensively…always to expect the unexpected. Now? Pedal to the medal and if I hit you it’s because you were in my way.

    • Have you ever been around a school at lunch time or after the school lets out? Even when there are ample, convenient crosswalks, kids completely ignore them. Stand there waiting for a light? Only the “nerds” do that. The cool kids run between moving vehicles.

      Pedestrian crossings aren’t the problem. Poor parenting and supervision are the problems.

      • Blame the Kids and the parents for God sakes man do you even walk around, do you walk across the streets in the lower mainland with most of the guys driving their big hot cars to substitute for the little dangler. The driving its terrible and too many people are being killed and for what, for you to keep that hairy part warm!

        • That’s the trouble with posting a comment at midnight “after a few” … you end up looking foolish.

          I blame kids for not using the crosswalks they have available. You blame bad drivers for kids not using crosswalks? lol :)