Vancouver approves affordable housing agency

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Vancouver approves affordable housing agency

The City of Vancouver has approved a new organization to help foster cheaper housing.

The Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency, announced earlier this week, will aim to create 2,500 new homes for the year 2021.

It’ll be run by a board of directors appointed by city council.

It will also keep track of vacant homes and excessive speculation.


  1. What does keeping track of “excessive speculation” mean? What could they do to stop it? Disallow the sale?

    Sound like more work for bureaucrats. I wonder how much the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency will cost tax payers.

  2. just what I need – yet more bureaucrats lined up to dip their snouts into my wallet .

    Just how out of touch is this Visionless Vancouver bunch ?? their socialist utopia dream has been a failure everywhere else in the world … so they want to try it here in one of the most expensive cities …. on my dime ???

    Get these bums out of city hall !!

  3. More wasted money to track the obvious.

    Here’s the thing. Vancouver is nice and therefore desirable. If you can’t afford it, stop whining and move to someplace you can. Chances are it won’t have the ocean, skiing, hiking, rivers and forests next to a city. Yeah, it’s expensive here cause Vancouver rocks. No one is entitled to living in or near the city, especially the homeless.

  4. You can bet it will be stacked with their ndp friends, looking for more tax money from the rest of us. Maybe some of the ex-members of the portland housing who need new well paying appointments. Watch out they got plans to re-distribute our money.

  5. What purpose would be served by keeping track of “excessive speculation” and vacant homes? Is “excessive speculation” different from “ordinary speculation”. If “excessive speculation” is found, what remedies does council have? Municipalities would not be able to levy a tax on the proceeds or the profit.

    Governments do a poor job of being in business. They are playing with other people’s money, so if the people of Vancouver are foolish enough to support this-go for it but don’t expect the rest of us to subsidize the inevitable losses. We wouldn’t trust the city to run a grocery store, a restaurant, etc, why would they be competent at doing this. Even without insider benefits and corruption, this is a prescription for a financial boondoggle.

  6. Mayor and cloncil wasn’t elected to act as realestate agency, the CAN NOT influence house prices. Can’t even do the jobs elected to city hall officials supposed to do. Now starting an OTHER layer of bureaucracy, giving jobs to some donors and supporters.

  7. There is an epidemic of infestations, improper maintenance and lack of accountability and responsibility to maintain clean and healthy apartments for tenants. A key component to ‘Affordable Housing’ programs and projects, is the infrastructure of governed rules and regulations, in the ‘environmental’ departments of City Hall, who directly work with Tenancy/Residential Laws, operated by diligent, affluent, proactive leaders. This issue is vital in the next election. We cannot ignore this deep rooted problem any longer. We need a program that is in place now; that is fundamental for success. We have an amazing population of brilliant, educated graduates, who are optimistic to utilize their degrees, after years of dedication for their education in the accomplished fields of: sciences, ecology, management, sustainability in land and environment, economics, new technologies, communications, construction and materials…you get my point. A ‘pilot’ project plan perhaps?….anyone
    interested in putting together a team that can brainstorm a ‘plan of action’? ….beg bug infestations is rampant, and people are suffering and have no place to go. They move into an apartment, with no disclosure of the risks. Now they have no where to go….subjected to poisonous sprays, ..they have no savings, no resources, and they have lost all their belongings!!!! Lets begin with addressing these real life situations taking place right now….please see this can only get worse…..there is no green city that has succumbed to this terrible situation.