Students calling for a new traffic light to save lives

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Students calling for a new traffic light to save lives

A serious pedestrian crash on Surrey’s busy 96th avenue, which has left two young women in serious condition, has one MLA reminding city council about his request to install a traffic signal one year ago.

Students of nearby L.A. Matheson Secondary warned the City of Surrey about the dangers of 96th avenue and were told it would take one to two years to install traffic lights.
A year has passed with no signal in place, which has MLA Bruce Ralston questioning the city’s priorities.

 ”You can’t do everything at once, but this one strikes me based on the advice I’m getting from my constituents, people in my community I represent that this one has to be a priority, and if they had started a year ago it would be done. Maybe this accident would’ve been avoided.”

The crash remains under investigation.


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  1. This is the kind of crap that Politicians say that just about does my old heart in..

    Where was this opportunist last week ? Why does he have to wait until two people are injured to come forward with his noble comments ?

    What a hero