Second pot shop set to open in Bellingham at 4:20 p.m.

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Second pot shop set to open in Bellingham at 4:20 p.m.

A second recreational marijuana shop is set to open its doors today in Bellingham at 4:20 p.m.

Aaron Nelson, who owns 2020 Solutions, says he and his staff have worked out the regulatory issues that caused them to open two days after it became legal to sell recreational pot in Washington State.

“Our deliveries are guaranteed to get to us today. We have ironed out all of the hiccups in the state tracking system, which is what prevented our deliveries.”

When the first store in Whatcom County opened Tuesday, people lined up at 4 a.m. and hundreds waited throughout the day for their chance to be part of history.


  1. Part of history ? A sad page when 93% of Americans do not use marijuana and a small elite that do have so twisted the conversation, the propaganda, and the facts to dub the voters into thinking legalization is going to solve problems, fill the tax coffers and positively impact the rate of crime and youth users of cannabis. The sad truth is that legalization will increase use by youth, put more drugged drivers on the road and hand the public health system an enormous bill for regulating and enforcement. The pot lobby has been at this campaign since the 1970′s and parents need to read up on the impact of marijuana on kids and really look at the legalization argument that will not stand the test of time. The marijuana legalization debate is not being properly heard in this country – it is tied up in politics and the solid science is not getting into the hands of the Canadian voting population. Dispensaries are illegal in Canada – and somehow the marijuana lobby gets to play by their own rules.

  2. Sam , you drift to the Conserative side of the argument , Dispenceries are Legal in Canada and have been so for some time , only you need a piece of paper from your doctor . to use it . And legalizeing it would increase the use which might be a good thing , you might have a lot more thought full people around instead of these thought less a holes I have to deal with in Vancouver .
    And John these doped up people running the system aren’t on pot chances they are stuck on Booze , or perscription drugs , I tell you what we get togeather and play some chess after say some purple kush , see where your head is at , a cild beer and a nice supper , and that’s about as good as it gets ,
    Why would you want to cross the border , and pay $22 , a gram , when here it’s $3 to $10 a gram .