End of an era: CKNW’s Bill Good announces retirement

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980
End of an era: CKNW’s Bill Good announces retirement

A beloved member of the CKNW family will soon be hanging up the microphone.

For nearly 26 years Bill Good has called CKNW home.

He has interviewed  thousands of people including Prime Ministers, CEO’s, sports heroes and some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment.

Bill  is today announcing his retirement, and says he’ll be pursuing some other opportunities.

In a long and storied career, Bill is a Webster, ACTRA and RTDNA winner.

Bill’s last show will be August first.


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        • It’s not a bad thing to let guests rant- it lets us see them for what they really are. I like Sean.

          It would seem 980 is pruning the old wood from the family tree. That is not a bad thing, but the benefit of having people on board who have been around is their depth of knowledge.
          They can call bs when someone presents an opinion based on bs . And that’s a good thing- particularly with political stories.

          And it’s the lack of knowledge that allows and history to repeat itself. I really don’t want the 1 percenters to gain any traction- or anybody who says post secondary education and child care should be free…..

    • Mike just needs to learn he doesn’t have to shout.

      In the grand scheme of things it would be kinda neat to have a show with old guys….been around the block. To have an hour to comment on the weekly bullshit that permeates the province.
      I nominate – Bill Good- Phil Till and Rafe Mair ….for starters.

      • I think Mike Smythe needs to leanr a lot more than just to avoid shouting on the radio.He’d also need to learn to act less like an activist or a lobbyist,and more like a moderator or a journalist.Currently he has a lot of trouble speaking to people who do not agree with is opinion.

  1. Very sorry to see Bill go but He has earned it !!! All good things must come to an end and I wish Bill nothing but the best !! I hope He takes some time up on the Sunshine Coast to just plain relax !! Like I said, He’s earned it !

      • I think you should volunteer Ken. I like something to listen to in the office but when Simi’s on I turn to CBC which is often so dull I end up turning it off. For Simi, it’s just all about Simi. But the completely biased “Ken360″ show might be entertaining for a day or two.

      • You can’t be serious. Simi is the definition of a cheerleader and a promoter of her own opinions.I think that YOU like her because she is a fellow socialist.There has never been a “free” social program suggested to her that she would refuse to throw truck loads of money at.

  2. Bill Good IS middle of the road. He is very mainstream and represents the middle class. The only criticism is he is a bit bland and boring.

    I hope his replacement is NOT Mike Ekford.

    But I think it will be either Simi Sara or someone totally new. Simi Sara could be the replacement because she got high ratings.

    My favourite is Sean Leslie but I doubt he will be chosen.

    • Bill Good was so biased in favor of the BC Liberals he never held their feet to the fire like he always ranted that he did! Anyone will be the same on CKNW they are the Cheerleaders for the Harper/Cons and the BC Liberals!

      • People who say Bill is biased in favour of the BC Liberals don’t know what they are talking about or are NDP supporters.

        Bill Good is as fair as they come because he gives equal time to all guests, including labour, environmental, business guests. He is never is hard on any guests, right or left. That is his only weakness, he is soft and respectful to his guests. He does not yell or argue with his guests.

        BTW, he never held the NDP feet to the fire either when they were in power.

      • Steer manure! You’re just like most other left wing yahoos who’s posts I read on several sites.Anything that isn’t far left you want to describe as somehow evil.
        When you grow up,however,you will learn that people that you like are not always correct,and people that you don’t like are not always wrong.
        Bill Good does have opinions.We all do.But he is still among the most unbiased talk show hosts I’ve ever heard in the decades that I have been tuning in to talk radio.It’s only you Dippers that don’t like to be called out when your social engineering goes to far.

  3. He was the fairest host on NW. Listened to and gave time to both sides of an opinion. Just because he didn’t always agree with your side doesn’t mean he was a bad journalist. Some people only hear what they want to hear. He’ll be missed. That being said, I wonder if him and Phillip Till are a package deal. I understand he’s retiring too.

  4. I can’t imagine listening to CKNW without hearing Bill Good but times change I guess and 26 years is a pretty amazing accomplishment and will likely never be matched. I don’t see his name mentioned but I enjoy listening to Shane Woodford maybe he will jump into a talk show role.

  5. Congratulations for a diverse and professionally dedicated career. Enjoy the time and whoever becomes the replacement they will have to carve out their own territory because its “People not programs” that make the difference in this world and you have made a difference.

    • I agree. There was never any question as to how Bill would vote in an election – no matter how much he would protest this.
      And yes, Sean Leslie please. Sean and Simi would be a good pair.
      Mike Smyth and I turn CKNW off! Someone above said that Mike “never let the facts get in the way of a story”! How true… Anything to stir the pot.

    • I disagree with that assessment entirely.In fact,I would go so far as to say that the exact opposite is the truth.And I find it more than a little interesting that you didn’t include a list of people that YOU think are unbiased or more balanced.Isn’t that a bit of a cop out in itself.

  6. Personally,I don’t see anyone currently on CKNW with the credibility and the ability to ask the right questions that it would take that could succeed Bill Good.Most of the other moderators seem to want to sell us their own opinions,lob softball questions at special interest guests who’s interests they approve of,and immediately dismiss or belittle those with whom they may disagree.
    I believe that CKNW is going to have to decide if they want the program to be an activist program,an informative program,an entertainment program,or an honest effort to have serious discussions about current affairs.
    On the politics of BC,I like Keith Baldry or Vaughn Palmer.But of course if they were on local radio every day,they would likely have very little time to keep in touch with the people who keep them informed,which would make it harder for them to keep the rest of us informed.How either would be on discussing other issues,or whether either would even have an interest in the job,I have no way of knowing. But I find them both to be credible and very unbiased journalists who always do their homework before the start beaking off.
    One thing seems clear to me.That being that we will know exactly which demographic CKNW is looking to appeal to almost immediately after we learn who is going to succeed Bill Good.

  7. Bill was a very stealthy commentator. He did everything he could surreptitiously to get first Gordon Campbell and then Christy Clark elected. You just needed to listen carefully to how he just remained quiet if the caller agreed with him, but injected himself into the call and debated if he didn’t agree. It always gave Bill a distorted view of what people really thought, because he was not open to hearing THEM, only forwarding his own agenda. He was a good little BC Liberal.

    • You are right… It is difficult for anyone to hide their political leanings and Bill is no exception. It is almost easier to deal with someone who is open about where they stand politically then someone who is dishonest.

  8. Can’t believe Mike Smyth isn’t part of the new lineup. I always make a point of listening when he is filling in for someone.
    Have a good retirement Bill. I think I will also be retiring – from listening to CKNW.