Young false killer whale rescued near Tofino

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Young false killer whale rescued near Tofino

Efforts are underway to save a young false killer whale calf which has washed ashore on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
The distressed cetacean was found in poor condition Thursday morning on North Chesterman Beach.
The Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has recovered the whale and will assess and begin treatment on the animal tonight.
The picture of the whale posted here shows it to be about a metre in length.
The centre says a false killer whale is distinct from the killer whale and is only rarely sighted in B.C. waters.
The centre rescues stranded marine mammals and rehabilitates them for release back into their natural habitat.


  1. This False killer whale (FKW) was taken to a non public Vancouver Aquarium facility on the waterfront in Vancouver NOT the Vancouver Aquarium circus. Captive, performing cetaceans are obviously not necessary to conduct rescues, rehab, and releases. There are numerous people conducting this work in BC and WA. In addition there are many locations to hold those truly in need of help. The multimillion dollar planned Aquarium expansion, with more dolphin pools and many more captives, must be stopped.
    In 1992 there was a lone FKW swimming around Vancouver. In 1987 a pod of 12 was sighted in the Pacific Northwest when they are usually found in warmer waters. It is believed that while some died the others either died or left the area. This one remained for unknown reason(s). This one had blotchy skin and the Vancouver Aquarium said they might intervene. The Vancouver based Lifeforce continuously monitor the health and behaviour to try to prevent any capture. The FKW stayed around until 2005.
    Freedom NOT Captivity!