Vancouver city council likely to approve new Affordable Housing Agency

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A plan to make housing more affordable in one of North America’s most expensive cities will likely be approved Wednesday.

Vancouver’s city council has received a report detailing how 25-hundred new units could be created by the year 2021.

Councillor Kerry Jang says the proposed Affordable Housing Agency will focus on families with a household income lower than 80-thousand dollars a year.

“You have to meet a means test. If you’ve got money and you can afford market housing, that’s where you go and so, we’re building a range of housing to suit different pocketbooks.”

But NPA Councillor George Affleck says the million-dollar agency is wasteful… and redundant.

“We’re going to be having an organization that does what we already are doing. I can only assume that the point of this corporation is to fastrack projects that fit within the criteria of Vision Vancouver.”

The agency is expected to deliver 500 units in the first three years.


  1. This council is asking me to subsidize someone making 79,999.00 a year. How pathetic. Put more of a tax burden on small business owners, people who have worked hard all their lives to try and get ahead, who for most of their lives never made near what they are looking at, and now to subsidize people who are making just under 80 k a year. If you’re making that kind of money you should be able to buy something in an area you can afford. Be like the rest of us, commute if you work in Vancouver. I never made that kind of money, had to commute from Surrey (because that’s where I could afford to live a novel idea for the socialists) and never was looking for a hand out. This council visionless has no idea how to work a budget, think the money supply is infinite. It’s time to get rid of them!!!

  2. Municipalities now see themselves in the role of social equalizer-extract money from anyone who has it and redistribute it to “the needy”.

    If you own a home in Vancouver- you are considered rich- and you are therefore a target for unfair taxation to support someone else.