Two teachers disciplined by the Teacher Regulation Branch

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Two teachers disciplined by the Teacher Regulation Branch

Two teachers in B-C’s interior have been disciplined and ordered to learn about proper boundaries.

Brian Allen Procter at Hazelton Secondary called an Asian student, Ching Chong.

He also took pictures of kids on his phone without their knowledge.

For that, he was ordered to take a boundaries course and was suspended from the on-call list for three months.

In Dawson Creek, Richard Payne would mock fight his students, dumping one of out his chair.

The Teacher Regulation Branch says he even broke a meter stick over a kid’s back, as a joke.

He would also poke, or “mock taser” students.

Payne was ordered to take boundaries counselling as well, at his own cost.


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  1. It is the job of the employer to dismiss. Secondly, teachers don’t control regulation branch….all rules and regulations of TRB were created by government. A government appointed agency isn’t advocating dismissal…why not. Everyone also knows..if an employer wants to fire you. union is going to be able to protect you…union can only ask a process is followed….if it is…employee always loses.

  2. With lineups of TOCs and fresh Teaching grads ready to come in for their jobs, they don’t fire and replace them after all this? Seriously? No wonder respect for this union in the general public is so low. Solidarity forever ! solidarity forever ! because the gravy train keeps us secure boom boom.

  3. It apparently doesn’t take much to keep your job in the BCTF. Good luck trying to get the public to support the 5K signing bonus, $3000 massage therapy, more paid days off, and 250M dollars in additional benefits on top of the existing benefits that are already better then most people. It’s amazing the BCTF had the balls to say we are close to deal a few weeks ago when they were off by 600M dollars in gravy money.

  4. The government cannot fire the teachers right away as the Union will file a grievance. It may take weeks, months, or years to get rid of a teacher. A non-unionized private company can fire an employee immediately.