Marpole rail bridge goes up in flames

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Marpole rail bridge goes up in flames

The fire burning on the Marpole rail bridge is now out.

However CP Rail spokesperson Ed Greenberg says the rail company’s engineers are waiting for the all clear from fire crews before they can examine the span.

“Once our engineering experts are able to get a closer look at the structure they will do a full inspection to determine the extent of damage and then we can move forward on looking at repair work and then once the repairs have been completed the bridge will undergo an inspection before being brought back into service.”

Greenberg says the rail bridge is hardly used with maybe one train per week.

He says there was not a train in the area during the fire.

The cause of the blaze is not yet known but Vancouver Fire and Rescue crews are calling it “suspicious.”

It sprung up around five in the afternoon and briefly caused the complete closure of the nearby Oak St. bridge.


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    • David,
      when I read your comment, I just had a lttle giggle to myself….then I looked it up.

      You are correct. THERE IS A DIRECT CONNECTION between that rail bridge and the Arbutus corridor rail line that is going to be re-activated.
      The Arbutus corridor rail has zero value without that bridge.

      Quick first step in policing…who has a motive to see that bridge burnt?

      If you don’t like cars on your street, use public money to close it with concrete and gates.
      If you don’t like someone owning something that you want to use…ruin it for them so they cannot use it.

      Quick first step in policing…who has a motive to see that bridge burnt?

  1. That is the first thing my friends and I thought of , If this is part of the Arbutus rail corridor , then guess who’s behind this ,I think CP rail should go ahead and clear the site ,if necessary hold onto the land , people should not profit from vandalism .