Heads will Roll in Brazil

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Heads will Roll in Brazil

This was supposed to be a coronation…it turned into a lynching.

The Germans dismantling of Brazil 7-1 in yesterday’s semi-final is truly stunning, not just to Brazil, but to the World of soccer.

In just over 30 minutes, what had become a month long celebration of the sport in arguably one of the most passionate football countries in the world, was torn apart from it’s very seems for the entire country of Brazil to see.  Germany didn’t just step on the necks of the Brazilians, they repeatedly stomped on their hearts as well.

It was in a word breathtaking, and as Brazilians wake up this morning, just like in Canada when we don’t bring home the hockey gold, there will be a general state of calamity.  But in Brazil, you can multiply that angst by 10.

This World Cup was years in the making, and it was supposed to be the crowning achievement for a country that not only pledged big dollars to this event, but also major funding to the Olympics in 2016.

The naysayers will tell you that the stadiums that were built, the infrastructure that was put in place, in some cases not finished or finished poorly, were a waste of money and money better spent…that is a different conversation for a different day.

Today Brazilians will be asking for answers on the pitch.  What went wrong and who is to blame will just be the beginning.  Brazil as a nation will want someone’s head to roll for this embarrassment. In the country that not only has the greatest skill of what we call the Beautiful Game, their souls will need to mend from this thrashing, and it will likely mean someone has to walk up to the guillotine before the passion fully returns to Brazil.