Vancouver council pitches $4-billion capital plan

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Vancouver council pitches $4-billion capital plan

Major investments being considered by Vancouver city council in the next four years include child care, transportation and affordable housing.

The first draft of the 2015 to 2018 Capital Plan is worth more than a billion dollars.

Highlights include a thousand new child care spaces, 2,500 social housing units, transit upgrades and three new parks.

A breakdown of costs shows $150 million will be dedicated to transportation improvements, $125 million for affordable housing and $30 million for child care.

Public consultations are now underway.

The final plan will be presented to council in September and must be approved by voters in the November election.


    • For this typical Moonbeam idea, the election IS the referendum. If they get back in, open your wallet for this stuff that the private sector could do cheaper and better.

      • Do you live in Vancouver Ron?If not why so political are you being paid to be so cynical or just your nature at least they are coming out tell the people before the election not Like your Liberal and spring everything after one. Where are all these Jobs Christy Clark in her election promise told the voters,seems that Vancouver want to be builders and create jobs as well ,but that is not good for you, its not a Liberal plan! How much debt are you willing to get BC into with pipedreams and Natural gas ! Private sector and cost overruns are a Joke Ron look at translink that is run by the private sector high salary people,we see the good Job they are doing!

        • Yup. The more cynical I am, the more I get paid. The big bucks are rolling in. You should be so lucky.
          I suppose you think it’s a good idea for politicians and city workers to put together a day care program or cheap housing on you dime. Well, not me.

          • At least someone has something of a housing strategy in Canada or BC, unlike your BC Liberal and Harper/Cons.You just want rents to skyrocket and housing out of sight for the most of BCer’s while your properties climb in pricing so you can fly all the way to the caymans for the big deposit!

          • Building another 2500 social housing units isn’t a “strategy”, it’s nothing more than more guesswork with taxpayers money. Can you name one of Gregors over-priced “strategies” that has actually made a positive difference?

        • Ken you think you can do a better. Apply for the job to run translink, or you’ll run the mayor robertsons billion dollar plan, tell them you’ll do it for 25.00 an hour no strings attached. Find the the billion dollars and get it going. All I see from you and the other ndp’ers here is how jealous you are because other people actually work hard and put their necks on the line to try and better themselves rather than just sit behind a desk and wait for the cheques to come in.

  1. Great as long as his developer friends are paying the bill, the taxpayer has nothing left. They must have a fortune set aside for this with all the deferrals they have been giving to the builders.

  2. Honestly…this just beggars the imagination. I guess this bunch of socialists are intending on bleeding any citizen that has any amount of money dry

    If there wasn’t reason before to kick this bunch out of office then there sure is now .

    The message that my pockets are empty …and that I’m expecting responsible spending from politicians for the tax dollars I contribute now just isn’t getting through to the Visionistas

    They just seem to think there is a bottomless bucket of money that they can draw on to fund their pet projects !

    Enough already .!!!!

        • Dale you are like a stuck record to defend the Liberals debt and in bed with Communist China and you have the gall to talk about socialists that you support.Is not the mayor a millionaire,must have many friends on both side of the fence to succeed the way he has.You love the socialist money seems they are coming here and buying us out and millionaire’s in the plane loads buying houses seems they done really well for themselves under a socialist regime,go figure!

          • Greece = socialist and bankrupt . . .
            Spain = socialist and soon to be bankrupt . . .
            France = a complete disaster since they elected the socialists and a financial disaster . . .
            USA = almost 20 Trillion in debt and Obama just keeps spending . . .
            Ontario = another credit downgrade, and the spending continues, their per capita debt worse than California . . .

            China Ken . . . in case you have not been watching, in the last decade has a more capitalistic business model than either Europe or much of the US. Certainly the govt is still a dictatorship . . . but there is nothing “Socialist” about their business dealings with the world.

  3. Another Billion and up go taxes making housing unaffordable for even more people. This is just a great “job” creator for Politicians. Unsustainable, though …….. soon everyone will need money from the “Affordable Housing Plan”.

  4. I goes to show you these clowns don’t know the difference between an investment and an expenditure. Investments actually pay something back to the investor. These projects are all outflow dollars that can only come from taxpayers !!! Where is the Investment ???

  5. Why not a property tax cut instead? Every year the property taxes go up and up and we are getting less and less service. For example, we get less garbage service but we pay the same amount of taxes.

    Isn’t daycare centers and affordable housing the responsibility of senior governments?

    • Yes indeed- day care is not a municipal responsibility.
      With the current Vision dominated council the public at large is being screwed over.
      In terms of accountability- council and city hall are essentially untouchable.

      We need a top to bottom detailed audit of all programs and expenditures ;
      -an arms length review process to prevent managers and planners from getting away with tailoring their reports to council in order to achieve a particular agenda
      - and legislation from the province to cap residential taxes.

  6. Valid question but that’s not how the system works, Once elected politicians think they own the city and have first call on our already heavyly taxes earnings. They know they can not be held responsible for money wasted of removed from office after a FOUR years term.

  7. The only solution is to vote with your feet. Get out of town. Vancouver is governed by moonbeams for the benefit of moonbeams, and most of the voters must be moonbeams. Born and raised in Vancouver, I got out of town years ago. Great place to visit but when you live among a majority of moonbeam types, plus foreign owners who can pay the freight anyway, the sky is the limit for property taxes. As long as the people of Vancouver pay for the stupidity of the fools they elect, have at it.

    This project will fail, big time. And it will fail because non of the moonbeamers on council have a clue about “investments”, building housing, running a business- even a roadside lemonade stand would take years of study and then would have to sell at $5 a drink just to break even.