B.C.’s carbon tax praised for economic performance

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B.C.'s carbon tax praised for economic performance

A Canadian think tank says the world should follow B.C.’s approach to the carbon tax.

Stewart Elgie with Sustainable Prosperity at the University of Ottawa says economists worldwide would agree that program’s first five years show it has been an immense success for taxpayers.

“They now have the lowest income tax in Canada because of the carbon tax, and during that time, B.C.’s economy has slightly outperformed the rest of Canada.”

Elgie says the tax could still be improved. He suggests lifting the freeze imposed on the tax last year because economic gains and emissions decreases have stalled since then.

He also suggests taxing the leaked emissions from the oil and gas industry, saying they shouldn’t be exempt.


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  1. He says that “economists worldwide: would agree that this is a success. How does he know this? All economists” Or just people who agree with him. This is just the climate alarmists “settled science” and bogus “97% of scientists” support the hysteria, brought to the carbon tax debate.

    The lower income taxes have contributed to better economic performance. We should all be skeptical that the carbon tax is helping this.

    The people with guaranteed “sustainable prosperity” are the people working at the UofO Sustainable Prosperity centre.

  2. That is the biggest joke I have heard today . . .

    BCs Karbon Tax was a poorly thought out tax to save the planet from Gorebull Warming . . . something that stopped back in 1998. According to NASA Satelite Data there has been ZERO warming since 1998.

    The BC Liberals have reduced Income Tax in BC from the record high levels of the previous Socialist Govt . . . good thing for business, consumers and taxpayers.

    “They now have the lowest income tax in Canada because of the carbon tax”
    Absolute nonsense . . . we now have the lowest provincial income tax in Canada . . . and it would be much lower if the C Tax were completely eliminated . . .

  3. What a bunch of bunk and very fitting for a group under the banner of Sustainable Prosperity.
    Aside from everything that’s wrong with the zealots promoting humans as the major for the ever changing climate……
    The carbon tax is extremely hurtful to every resident of the province by increasing the cost of pretty much everything. It does nothing to stimulate the economy and has added a stupid amount of cost to operating things like BC schools.

    Unfortunately governments are tax junkies- once implemented taxes are never abolished.

  4. We have the lowest income tax in Canada really what a joke… every time gordo the drunk lowered the income tax he raised the gas tax we in BC now enjoy paying the highest gas tax In all of north America then he added the carbon tax on top of that and that goes up every year and that drives up the cost of just about every think.. we also one of the only provinces to still pay MSP premiums and the BC Liberals have raised them 7 times in 6 years. Every fee, levy and charge in BC has gone up under the BC Liberals and tolls added Yep BC pays the lowest income tax what a joke this guy can’t see past his own noise…

    • Tony why is it you and the rest of the ndp can’t make a comment with out resorting to name calling and slander. Real intelligent. That being said, why tax income, why not tax what people use. That way I can decide how to spend my money. I want to go somewhere, I’ll pay for it with a toll or gas tax, I want to use a service (BC Parks etc.) I’ll pay for it. By doing that, people like you do not have to pay for what I want to do. It makes more sense than charging people for working hard to try and get ahead.

      • The gas tax was brought in to rid BC of tolls and now we in BC pay the highest gas tax in North America and now we are being charged tolls on top of that so please tell me your fairy tall again but this time start it with once upon a time.. PS… The answer to your question about resorting to name calling and slander I learned it from the right wing wackos during the last provincial election the best teachers going when it comes to that stuff…I’m just playing the same game how does it feel??? O when it comes to Gordo the shoe fits… and that the truth….

        • Tony you strike me as the type who sits behind their desk at their government job doing the bare minimum because you know you’ll get ahead by simply waiting it out. Lack of initiative lack of motivation because you think every one here owes you. Well time to buck up cowboy. Wanna play, gotta pay. I’m tired of supporting the left wing agenda where the harder you work the more you pay. Go ahead ride it out, but in the end at least I have satisfaction in what I do.

    • Tony you are the poster child for the incompetent socialist posers called the NDP.

      What worse Tony, someone who got caught after a few drinks behind the wheel . . . or . . . someone who STOLE a $40,000 thousand dollar ring?

      What is worse Tony, a Premier who stepped down after the HST nonsense . . . or . . . a Premier having his home RAIDED by the RCMP and stepping down under the threat of a conspiracy and fraud investigation?

      Problem with you Tony . . . is you have bought all the far-left propaganda . . . where on the planet is an NDP style government working successfully and not broke or going broke?

      • Now Dale you out of touch right wing wacko you bring up… a Premier having his home RAIDED by the RCMP and stepping down under the threat of a conspiracy and fraud well you out of touch right wing wacko unlike Gordo the drunk that paid 6 million dollars out of taxpayer money so he wouldn’t have to stand in a courtroom over the BC rails scandal Glen Clark stood in a court In front of his peers and was found not guilty of any wrong doing … get your facts straight.. The problem with you dale like most right wing wackos you prefer to lie or your make up stories about everything then admit the truth

        • Do you read with difficulty Tony?
          I never said Clark was guilty . . . I said his home was RAIDED by the RCMP and he was INVESTIGATED . . . he then stepped DOWN.

          The Ring stolen by the Burnaby Dipper resulted in a Court Date and a Guilty outcome . . .

          Name ONE Socialist Govt on the Planet that is doing well Tony . . . just ONE . . .

          And Ken . . . for a guy with a thin resume and the same comment every day . . . laughable.

  5. I don’t see the link between lower income taxes and the carbon tax when the carbon tax is supposed to be revenue neutral. ie. taxes lowered with the carbon tax. They are offsetting each other.

      • Tony is a big fan of the Peoples Republic of Manitoba . . . where after promising no new taxes two years ago . . . the Socialist Premier has raised taxes TWICE !
        Tony . . . maybe you should move to MB . . . the last bastion of the NDP in Canada . . . in two years they will be gone !

  6. Nice study !! Did we consider the Prov. Gov. takes about 1 Billion every 3 or 4 years from ICBC ?? Overpayment = Taxes. How about B.C. Hydro ??? Another Billion every few years ….. “Dividends” …… taxes. Same for all pre-mentioned “taxes” like MSP Premiums. With the last Translink and Carbon taxes added to gasoline the Greater Vancouver “consumption” dropped 118 Million liters !!! I’d be willing to bet Northern Washington’s “consumption” went up by around 118 Million liters. Many variables not taken into account with this “Lowest Income Tax” statement.

  7. Does this person even live here. If you add up all the taxes we pay its way more than any where else in Canada,factor in highest gas taxes in North America,totally inflated car insurance,god forbid you need to over a bridge, 28% parking tax!!!!, msp premiums which are covered in most of Canada. And god forbid you want move you have another 5,000 to 10,000 in transfer taxes,now we will also see car levies you wait. Come and live here and you would really see how we are nickelled to death. This guy must be one if these Best and brightest they always talk about.