Two pedestrians seriously hurt in Surrey crash

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Two pedestrians seriously hurt in Surrey crash

Speed may have been a factor, and two pedestrians are in hospital with serious injuries, following a crash in Surrey this morning.

RCMP Sgt. Dale Carr says the pedestrians were in a crosswalk near 96 Avenue and 123 street.

He says a pickup had paused to allow the pedestrians to cross, but as it did, another truck failed to stop.

“Those pedestrians were projected approximately 15 meters down the road and are currently in very serious condition at Royal Columbian Hospital.”

He says the driver remained at the scene and cooperated with police.


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  1. You’re driving down a street and see a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk or intersection for no apparent reason … and it doesn’t OCCUR to you that something/somebody might be in the roadway? It doesn’t OCCUR to you to at least slow down before you pass? It doesn’t OCCUR to you to take another 10 seconds to get to your destination?

    Basic driving skills, knowledge and instincts have essentially disappeared. I see it multiple times a day.

  2. It always amazes me that pedestrians don’t have a look to see if it’s safe to cross just because one car has stopped. Cross Walk or not, you still need to check.

    Especially bad if it’s two lanes in one direction. To assume it’s safe is crazy. That one car that is probably blocking the line of site of the driver in the next lane.

    Either that or they both had their faces buried in their I-Phones with ear buds in.

    How many times does the WALK NOW light change and they just immediately step off the curb without checking. Just watch, it happens all the time.

    Then their are the pedestrians that think just because it says Don’t Walk but the light is green for traffic, they have the right of way. Sorry but no you don’t.

    Tragic and I hope they will eventually recover over time but odds are, it’s a life changer!!

    • In Ontario for the past forty years, 30 metres before every designated pedestrian crosswalk in both directions a sign clearly states, “No Passing From Here To X Walk.”
      This law is to be observed 24/7 and it matters not whether there is a pedestrian at or in the X walk. The fine is extensive and there are demerit points involved.

      “What are the rules for passing near crosswalks?
      You cannot pass within 30 metres of a marked crosswalk (a.k.a. a pedestrian crossover) – not on the left or the right.

      What if a vehicle is stopped to turn left just before a crosswalk? You can’t pass them.

      The idea is that you can’t see what’s immediately in front of the car you’re trying to pass. There very well could be a pedestrian there.