Updates: Translink update on Compass Card: still no timeline for full rollout

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Updates: Translink update on Compass Card: still no timeline for full rollout

Translink has provided an update on its troubled Compass Card problem, and it doesn’t look good.

CKNW reported on Translink’s review of the Compass Card last week, saying the company hired to run the card was still improving speed and reliability.

The update today doesn’t share much that’s new — that Cubic Transportation in San Diego is still working out some kinks.

The statement, which quotes Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey, still does not say when the general public will get the Compass Card.

That was supposed to happen last fall.

The project is also over-budget by $24 million, and its guiding force, Mike Madill, is leaving the company.

But Translink stresses Madill’s departure has nothing to do with delays in the Compass Card rollout.

The company says Madill has been promoted to an executive position at Coast Mountain Bus company, a move that had been in the works for some time.

Translink says it will provide us with another update in October.


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  1. Mike Madill is still under the Translink umbrella. (CMBC) he’s taking over for Stan Serpina. Runs are being cut in september as well. So this is money well spent. (sarcasm)

  2. Having just returned from London and had a very pleasant time on the Tube and Buses and Docklands Light Rail using the Oyster Card. I do not see why all this fooling around about introducing the Compass Card. The Oyster Card works like a charm. Translink, get on with it now. I want my Compass Card.

  3. Translink is a complete joke!!

    What other job could you have where you screw up this bad and still get to keep your job and get a nice yearly raise?

    There’s only one other one, Weather Forecasters!!

  4. I agree the Oyster card works great , so why didn’t the smart alecks at Translink get the same company to install that system here it would have been up and running by now for less money.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Compass card has to scraped and some else to replace it.

  5. The company behind Hong Kong’s Octopus card bid on the Translink card contract too. Is it too late to switch to them? They use reader technology from Sony. It is used in Japan and Singapore too.