Langley teachers to continue picketing despite summer school cancellation

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Langley teachers to continue picketing despite summer school cancellation

It doesn’t appear either side in the BC Teachers dispute will be back at the table any time soon in an effort to hammer out a deal before school resumes in September.

President of the Langley Teachers Association Gail Chaddock-Costello says no talks are scheduled this week, and teachers will be back on the picket lines, despite the cancellation of summer school.

“We decided that we would keep up a presence in a variety of schools, so we’re doing 5-6 schools every day, as well as the school board office each day, we are trying to ensure that the public has  a chance to see us, to know we are there, and to ask questions.”

Meanwhile the Vancouver School Board voted Monday night to ask the teachers union and the BC government to use binding arbitration to settle the dispute before September.


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  1. “Meanwhile the Vancouver School Board voted Monday night to ask the teachers union and the BC government to use binding arbitration to settle”

    If the SCOC strikes down Essential Service Legislation expect the teachers to be out again in the fall , regardless of what happens . This time parity with Alberta teachers will be a minimum.

        • HAHAHA
          OHH digging deep in the past .I have not heard corporate welfare bums since Ed Braodbust.
          So no to standard accounting practices of deducting expenses . So then no company could make money . Ahh the only system that would then work is state enterprises in a workers paradise (like the USSR)

          • Ole Ed Bentbroad . . . the NDPs famous DOUBLE DIPPER . . . retired from Parliament with a nice pension and then took a plumb six figure job as President of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development in Montreal.
            Typical Socialist . . . a philosophy that has FAILED all over the world, but the Dippers think if you try it one more time is might work . . . laughable ! ! !

        • Mike, the Law does apply to everybody, even the BCTF. Remember a couple of years ago when your Union decided there are times when the Law should be broke, and said so in all the media.
          Cost your Union $500,000. to find that out. Pretty stupid move by your leaders?

        • Mike,

          Eric, Dwight and Dale really don’t get the legal principles involved. They are so drunk with Liberal rhetoric they have allowed their politics to usurp their intellect. Likely hoping for appointments paid for by taxpayers, which is their gravy train down the road.

          • Its about lack of intelligence and leadership in the BCTF . . . which has not existed in the last 30+ years Lor . . .

            Instead of negotiating for the kids . . . they had a long list of add-ons to their more than generous benefits package . . . kids be damned ! ! !

          • So when you cannot argue you hurl innuendos. You are making assumptions .In first year we were taught never to do that .Maybe you missed that class?
            One yes deeply involved in politics .I give my time for free . Free got it???I expect nothing but enjoy exposing the socialist nightmare . OHH Lorax you are such easy meat .So now all we hear from your ilk is whining .ROFLMAO
            The legal points ?? Well if you got everything you feel you are deserved B.C. would be bankrupt ! Use logic it is not going to happen. The government has to fight it . Then if they have to legislate again .
            OHH I do work I .They are renting the space between my ears . I get paid well.
            Gravy train??? Just studied and worked while others played .This is the gravy exposing the socialist rhetoric for what it is

          • @Dale,…. Class size and composition = working conditions and have the side effect of improving learning conditions. That’s not a long list of benefits.

            BTW – do you enjoy your benefits – the luncheons, automobile, trips, paid for by your income tax deductions? Just asking as you appear to begrudge others a reasonable and fair wage and benefits.

          • @Eric: I re-read your posts, they are replete with examples of innuendo and name calling, but you can’t receive what you dish out. I’ve misjudged your intellect.

  2. One day the thinking folks in the BCTF will smell the coffee . . . they have been played by their radical left-leaning leadership for decades. Their dues have been siphoned off to support the incompetent NDP and their strike fund cupboard is bare . . . thanks to ole radical Jim and his cable of misfits.
    So today, instead of a signing bonus and a small wage increase that most other Pubic Sector Union went for, they are out on the street and will pay for their own increase . . . whenever and whatever that may be.

  3. Cut back to 5.5% raise over 5 years like everybody other union, don’t cut back or raise anything else like the benefits and days off (keep the same) and now focus on what would actually help the kids. Once the BCTF threw in the 5K signing bonus, 3000 massage therapy, additional days off to bring total days off more then school days, then had the balls to say it’s all for the kids, well any hope of a deal went down the toilet. And Mike this is not Alberta. I’m sure all the Engineers and Trades people here would love to say lets match Alberta. Heck say Nunavut while you’re at it.

  4. Lorax, it is all about the money. Give it up on the class size and comp. The general public does not buy into that anymore. Particularly when you keep using that as your excuse, while demanding $3000. massage therapy, fertility drugs, increase to all your already excellent benefits, and a new demand of 45,000. signing bonus. Doesn’t sound like it is for the kids at all.
    Why don’t you address the stats that says everything has improved re: class size and comp. since 2001. Then explain why we should, as Taxpayers, should be taxed a further$2, Billion?
    Lets see some answers for a change, in stead of your usual bullying tactics, and attempts to belittle the concerned Taxpayers?