Kinder Morgan responds to intervenor complaints

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Kinder Morgan responds to intervenor complaints

Kinder Morgan says it is all part of the National Energy Board review process as intervenors line up to demand answers.

Kinder Morgan Vice President Scott Stoness says many of the questions asked by intervenors fall outside the scope of the project at hand the twinning the Trans Mountain pipeline.

“There were questions about the affects on CO2 emissions on the oil sands and that is not in the scope of the study. Another example is we were asked questions about our existing pipeline and that is also not in the scope of the study. There are questions about our ownership and that has been debated in a previous hearing.”

Stoness says other answers would compromise security or confidential information.

“There is a lot of process and a lot of opportunities for them to have their say. I think people are focusing on the specific issue of the day, which is gee I didn’t my answer answered the way I wanted it to be answered therefor the process is flawed. Overall the process is not flawed it is good.”

Stoness says for intervenors to complain about unanswered questions is part of the review hearing process.

“The process is that the board will weigh our views and the intervenor’s view and decide which ones they think we ought to answer.”

Stoness says other questions, for example about spill response, have already been answered.

“You have to define what kind of spill it might be and it wasn’t defined in the question. Our answer is regardless of the type of spill we have the financial capacity that we are capable of responding.”

He says intervenors get two rounds of questions, will table evidence, and make oral arguments all part of the review process.



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  1. While I think the pipeline expansion is going to be good for Canada … I am astounded at how poorly this is being handled politically . This is almost a lesson in how to antagonize every interest group … its like Kinder Morgan has decided they can’t please everyone so they are going to throw in the towel and make zero effort to please anyone.

  2. This is the far-left and their Delay, Deny, Demand and answer my 20 odd Stupid Questions . . . Like Oil Sands Emissions . . .

    Reality is Folks . . . . Canada’s entire share of Global Emissions is 1.5% of the TOTAL.
    China increases their emissions by more than this amount every FEW Months, and not a word is said by the Enviro-freaks.

    This 1.5% . . . includes the Oil Sands which is a tiny fraction of that total. And what the so-called experts never tell you is the FACT that when you add Canada’s Vast Land Mass, our Vast Greenery into the equation . . . Canada is likely a Net Carbon Sink . . . in other words our net emissions are less than ZERO ! ! !