UPDATES: McCallum would reduce crime, spending if elected Surrey’s mayor

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UPDATES: McCallum would reduce crime, spending if elected Surrey's mayor

Former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum wants his old job back, saying he can reduce crime and save taxpayers money.

Nine years after he lost to current Mayor Dianne Watts, the now-independent candidate says a more proactive approach is needed to make the city, which logged a record 25 murders last year, safer.

“We will drive crime out of Surrey. We really will because everybody’s working together. And then as that gets driven out, then people will start to feel safe in their communities.”

McCallum says he wants to boost the RCMP by 95 officers within two years, rather than five.

He also claims he can save money without laying off any city staff.

But while the  former Mayor  is running for re-election with this tough-on crime mantra, will he want you to know about the crime?

Fourteen years ago when Doug McCallum was mayor of Surrey, he was often blasted by critics for allegedly interfering with the release of crime information by police to the media.

Here he is this week touting his track-record, as he announces his bid for the city’s top job.

“We did to a certain degree when I was mayor drive crime out of Whalley, so I have a pretty good record as far as dealing with crime in Surrey.”

In 2002 McCallum even offered an apology to anyone who felt his actions were out of line, but said he wanted to make sure Surrey was being fairly portrayed.


  1. When Diane Watts reads this , she will probably laugh out loud !
    Talk about promise the moon … And you know what he would say if he got elected ……”I’ve looked at the books and the finances are in such a mess I’m not going to be able to deliver on my campaign promises”. Or some equivalent waffle BS !!

  2. So he’s going to reduce crime and save the taxpayers money but at the same time boost the number of RCMP by 95…Hum did he take a page out of progressive conservatives Tim Hudaks play book???

  3. Ole Doug is well past his prime . . . I remember how he did less than a stellar job back in the day . . . being 70+ is a liability in politics today and there are likely many out there who could do a better job and are half his age.
    just stay retired Doug . . . it’s one career you can do the least harm at . . . .

    • Come on, Bob. Do better than random lines. How did they fail us? I see developments all around, new hospital, 2 university expansions, more commerce and fighting for our transit. Where’s the failure?