North Vancouver family grateful for donation of wheelchair-accessible van

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A North Vancouver family is thanking their lucky stars while trying to enjoy what little time they have left together before cancer tears them apart.

Since his wife Ana’s cancer recently spread to her spine, leaving her unable to walk, Victor Ulandy says the family has wanted a vehicle to take their two- and five-year-old out as a family.

“She’s pretty much bedridden or in a wheelchair, and we can’t really move her around out of the wheelchair because of lack of mobility in her legs. So to have a van that we can get out – just get out and enjoy some fresh air…”

Just days after word got out about the family’s wish, Ulandy says they received word someone had donated them a wheelchair-accessible van.

He says this gift, like the kindness of so many who have helped them during this devastating time, is beyond words.

Scott Klassen, with Ground Level Fabrications in Mission, whose team is fixing up the van, says they are just doing what they can.

“We try to keep pretty humble about it. We just try to help out whoever we can, when we can. These vans get quite expensive for some families and we just happen to have one that’s kind of gone back and forth for a few families. We are just doing a little bit of repairs to it now from the previous family that used it.”

Klassen says they hope Victor and Ana will have the van by Friday.

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  1. Great Kudos to Scott Klassen, with Ground Level Fabrications in Mission who responded to this essential need. It is people like Scott Klassen and company that make a community. It is we the general public that need to support 100% local companies to make things like this happen.