B.C. medicinal shops concerned, with pot set to go on sale in Washington

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B.C. medicinal shops concerned, with pot set to go on sale in Washington

Marijuana plants being grown indoors.

Now that officials in Washington State have issued licenses for shop owners to sell marijuana, B.C. merchants who sell medicinal pot say they’re going to feel some competition.

Dana Larsen, who runs two medical dispensaries in Vancouver, says he expects locals to still come in regularly, but fewer customers elsewhere.

“Certainly, the tourist industry and people coming to Vancouver to enjoy B.C. bud and certainly the larger export market in British Columbia is definitely going to be affected by this.”

Larsen, who was part of a failed campaign for a referendum to legalize marijuana, says the provincial government needs to protect the industry here.

Pot goes on sale in Washington tomorrow at 8 a.m.


  1. So we have gone from a can’t lose money making industry that is going to also weed out the criminal element … To needing government intervention to stop cross border shopping ….. In the space of months !!!!!

    What went wrong ??? I’m so confused !!

  2. Who knows , who ever has the best pot would get the business .this practis of tumbling the buds , is one reason why I won’t buy it off the stores here . With fancy names , most is just bunk . When you grew your own you selected a strain that helped you , this Medical POT
    is a busines , and they don’t know what each strain is usefull for , all they want to do is sell it .
    So if you have pain an indaca , wou;d do where as depression a sateva would do .
    There are dozens of uses , and different streanghts , Find the one that works and stick to it , And if you find some thing that works for youri llness . and you buy from these stores , you may have to buy alot at one time because if it is any good it won’t last long , And you may not find that strain again , Althought it has the same name , it’s not as good because it’s a different strain , and if they say it’s 24% THC , and it’s been tumbled , you might have 10% THC remaining . and is just a rip off .