Port Metro Vancouver responds to threat of a second truckers’ strike

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Port Metro Vancouver responds to threat of a second truckers' strike

The authority in charge of Vancouver-area ports is responding to unionized truckers’ threat of a second strike, saying it is already taking steps to enforce minimum pay rates.

Port Metro Vancouver says it has created a complaint phone line allowing truckers to report companies allegedly underpaying their workers.

John Parker-Jervis of the authority says the province investigates the complaints, and then makes recommendations on penalties, which can be as severe as banning companies from the ports.

Gavin McGarrigle of Unifor has said unionized truckers are frustrated the federal and provincial governments still have not delivered on a promise to establish and enforce a minimum rate of pay for all drivers.

McGarrigle says this is allowing some companies to underpay drivers, adding that if government does not enforce minimum pay rates for all drivers soon, he says more than 400 unionized truckers will go on strike.


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  1. The lack of follow through on the part of the Liberal government is just another example of their attempt to destroy the unions of this province. Over the last 100 years unions have done far more good than bad. True in the 70′s and 80′s unions were drunk on power, but those days have long since past. Christy and her crew have an undeclared war on their hands, teachers, truckers, and whose next? If things continue this way perhaps a general strike like last occurred in the mid 80′s will be necessary. Remember this is not really the Liberal Party, it is the Socreds in disguise.

    • Darc . . . the private sector unions have sealed their own demise in the last 25 years.
      Spending millions of working folks hard earned dues money supporting a loser political party the NDP . . . and instead of concentrating on growing their locals and looking after the membership they have crusaded on insane social causes.
      I warned my local of this back in the early 90s . . . today they are a mere shadow of what the once were . . .

      And Ken . . . where did you say that Socialism was working on the Planet?

  2. The governments promised minimum rates. The employers agreed, but a group of them are challenging the govts in court that they have no authority to set rates due to deregulation of the industry in 1997. They will pay what they want to pay, not what the truckers need. This group of employers need to be brought to heel by Christie and Stephie.

  3. Sounds like the solutions that “settled” the Ports trucker dispute are like tha approach being used against the BCTF. Kick the can further down the road until the two groups tire off it.

    And truckers thought CC was their best friend and they were better respected than teachers.

    Complaint-driven enforcement is a long-drawn-out bureaucratic process. It favours violators as the fines are slow in being processed, minimal and therefore considered as a mere inconvienent cost of doing business.