Trans Mountain responds to allegations of unanswered questions from intervenor

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Trans Mountain responds to allegations of unanswered questions from intervenor

After questioning Kinder Morgan Canada on failing to respond to all the questions submitted in review hearings, the company has finally responded… sort of.

Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer says the city only got 248 answers out of the 394 that were submitted in National Energy Board review hearings.

On top of that, she says the company has refused to release an emergency plan it promised to make public.

When questioned, Trans Mountain said it “believes it provided robust responses to the questions submitted that were within the scope of the regulatory review.”

It says some information is market sensitive and/or would be a security risk to release.

Trans Mountain added “it is normal in regulatory processes that there are debates about whether questions are appropriate and/or in scope. We understand some intervenors may not be satisfied with the answers we provided.”

The company noted that “intervenors also have another opportunity to ask questions of Trans Mountain in September 2014, and submit their own written evidence in November 2014.”

But no comment yet on why their emergency plan hasn’t been made public.


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      • It must be beautiful in your world where nothing can possibly go wrong , never has gone wrong , never will go wrong.
        Oil spills happen Dale and there’s no turning the clock back when they do.
        The point is the risk is too high when the number of oil tankers are doubled with the odds going way up also.All so China can get cheap oil.

        • You are livin in a dream Trev . . .

          We import Billions in goods every year from China . . . we sell many commodities to China, coal, copper, zinc, nickel, lumber and we want to expand those exports by also selling CNG and oil.

          Are you so foolish as to think we can just keep consuming . . . without good jobs created by our export industries?
          Are you so out of touch that you don’t understand that by making oil and gas plentiful in China that it will lessen their dependance on Coal and help to lower their emissions?
          Are you so out of touch that you don’t understand that the fastest growing economy on the Planet is China today? Last year they sold more new cars in China than did the US.

          China gets cheap oil? That boggles my mind Trev . . . as it has been said many times that the CHEAP oil is today flowing to Standard Oil in the US midwest because Canada has no other customers.
          Once we access foreign customers . . . including China . . . we will get WORLD PRICE for our oil . . . that’s over $100 a barrel today. Is that cheap in your mind Trev?

          If the number of oil tankers doubled . . . it is likely the problems will double . . .yes! So tell me . . . what is 2 X 0 Trev?

  1. Kinder Morgan can hide behind the skirts of the ‘conveniently crafted’ NEB rules—and leave the tough questions unanswered ?
    Some might argue– why bother with an NEB charade—since Mr. Harper has already signalled that both of our ill-conceived pipeline projects are to be declared in the National Interest

    Recall , Kinder Morgan reminded us many times ,that they are not responsible for bunker after the they wave ‘bye bye’ to the departing bitumen carrier—so Kinder Morgan (KM) don’t need know the answer about bitumen spills clean up..
    No one knows !!Canada has yet to demonstrate it’s ‘world class’ BITUMEN containment and bitumen recovery technology .

    The LNG INDUSTRY required many decades to solve their storage and transport problems—maybe the BITUMEN INDUSTRY should take some time to prove their technology before willy nilly travelling through our environmentally sensitive waters and fisheries—and threatening our multibillion dollar revenue tourist Move both pipelines to Port Simpson-now.In the meantime pipeliners,both,show some concern—do your research—and forget about travelling our narrow island passes,busy harbours,,island bound waters !
    Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)

  2. Build the pipeline now . . . time to cut the krap . . .

    Look at the pix . . . these are the best they could hire to hold signs . . . the real folks are in their cars going to work. Time to put BC to work, build pipelines, CNG facilities and a refinery at Kitimat, perhaps another one in Burnaby too!