Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife to separate

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Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife to separate

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife, Amy have come to the mutual decision to amicably separate.

In a statement, Robertson says that he appreciates the public’s understanding and privacy, particularly for the sake of their children.

Shortly after, in a separate release issued by Robertson’s Vision Vancouver party, they called on the opposing NPA Caucus to explain the “spread of false rumours and personal attacks” on the Vancouver mayor and his family.

Vision Vancouver spokesperson Marcella Munro says that “the public deserves to know these are the kind of tactics the NPA has been moving forward with.”

However, NPA Caucus Chair Elizabeth Ball says it’s Vision Vancouver that is spreading false rumours because that is simply not true.

“We have no comment because we have not seen at any time or heard anything like that, we support the mayor in terms of his privacy at this time, which must be a difficult time, so we think it’s important that people give him his privacy here.”

Rob MacDonald, with the NPA, who has been accused by the Vision Vancouver party of sending an e mail with false rumours and personal attacks towards mayor Roberston has responded to CKNW via e mail: “The NPA is not involved in any personal attacks on Gregor Robertson, nor am I. I think very highly of Amy Robertson who has been very kind to my son, and I wish her all the best.”



    • You have always got an answer even if it Liberal farm team’s(NPA) dirty tricks.I see you went red,white and blue when people say anything derogatory about Christy Clark and family.then you really say all’s fair in love and war as long as the shoe is on the other foot! Looks a little hypocritical coming from you, but this what the Liberal/Cons stand for!

      • Wrong again. If it’s legal, what goes on in anyone’s home should be private but that’s just not the way it is is it? I’m just stating an unfortunate common habbit in politics and media. Do you disagree?

  1. Hmmmm ….. When you don’t have a defensible position ….go on the offense and blame someone else ….try to deflect negative publicity by blaming your opposition of dirty tactics

    Sounds like instructions from Politics 101 … As well as looks as obvious as Soviet propaganda

    • You are an NPA member right Chris, one of the biggest hypocrites! What is that statement for? Are you in the room with them or just spreading rumors as did your NPA, you must be in your twilight years and have a hard time enjoying yourself unless you are being hurtful and a bully! Kick then when there down right, Chris.

  2. how pathetic that this is all the NPA can come up with, no election platform, no credible candidates, but lots of smear … Robertson will easily be re-elected in November.

  3. You mean it isn’t such a “HAPPY PLANET” after all?
    At least Mrs. C stuck around till after the Grand Poo Bah to England got elected by the sheep for the last time!!!!

  4. This is a non story , and considering where it is comeing to , is an invasion of privacy ,
    On your next Ballid , you might see Mike Hanson is running , on the Leagalisation of Cannubis platform .