NDP joins Federal Court Judge in slamming Harper Government

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NDP joins Federal Court Judge in slamming Harper Government

The courts have dealt a blow to the Harper Government.

This time, it’s a Federal Court judge who has called Ottawa’s cutbacks to health-care coverage for refugees claimants “cruel and unusual” treatment, particularly to children.

And Justice Anne Mactavish also says the changes create 2 tiers of health coverage between refugees who are from designated countries of original, and those who are not.

Two years ago the Harper Government trimmed medical benefits for newcomers, leaving most immigrants with basic, essential health care but without supplementals such as vision and dental care.

The official opposition critic for employment and social development says The Federal Court issued a “sharp rebuke” to the Harper government’s refugee health-care system today.

North Delta NDP M-P Jinny Sims says the courts acknowledged cutbacks to coverage for refugee claimants is “mean-spirited.”

“What the cuts did was, it downloaded the costs to the provinces, because once they ended up in a hospital, then of course the provinces have to take care of the sick people, but what also happened is, many people stopped going to see their doctors.”

Rejected refugee claimants and those from countries the government considers safe are only eligible for care when they pose a threat to public health.

The feds have four months to amend the legislation.


  1. Really? Well in my opinion the courts should stay out of politics. What form of government do we have in this country. Refugees without dental and eye care? Canadian citizens without dental and eye care? Which is worse?

    • The courts are staying out of politics and making a ruling based on the laws of this country. If things ran your way they would stay out of allowing women to vote, property issues, allegations of graft cause, well, it’s all politics!

      • There’s a big difference between a ruling on the law and a ruling based on an interpretation of the law. The intent of a law is more significant than pulling the words apart to formulate an opinion. Intent seems to be what we are missing too often. Since government makes laws, the legal process frequently makes little sense.

  2. Okay, so I have to pay for my own vision and dental care, but someone who entered the country illegally should get it for free ? Yesterday, Hedy Fry. Today, Jinny Sims . Who votes for these people ?

    • I certainly don’t vote for them- or their collective ilk.
      But I would welcome the day when we get to vote for judges- maybe then they would stick to ruling on law and not dole out their personal version of social justice.

      If we’re expected to provide services to refugees that are more than what most Canadians receive then it’s time to close the door on refugees. The only people I personally know getting dental and eye care are former government employees. The rest of us pay for our own.

      • You welcome the day we elect judges and become America,I listen to the right wing battle cry as all for me and no one else! When people came from repressed(Dictators) countries and Communist regimes,we welcomed them to land on the shores of freedom.Now you of the affluent and righteous will turn your back on anyone that is not in your ideology driven or hold $$$, hypocrisy when we have crises you will throw these people to the front line as history proves so your kids can sit in the best schools. The court follows the Constitution and laws of Canada they do not make this up as they go along.

        • Oh brother. Yes, they are welcomed to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. They surely do not risk all to get here for straight teeth and new bifocals. May they better themselves, save up and purchase those things just like the rest of us.

        • Ken: I don’t support this ruling one iota. I am retired and strongly resent your inference that all who disagree are ” affluent and righteous “. Suggest that YOU try living on our OAP and CPP for a while . Otherwise try putting your brain in gear before putting your mouth in motion !

          • Leon, I was brought up with the belief that as best as you are able, you look after yourself and your family. I am not of the whiny, me first, total entitlement generation for which I am so thankful. One day the Government tap will run dry, or better still, be cut off by a political party that truly understands the consequences of continuing the way we are presently heading. Unfortunately, non of the present Party’s have the guts to do it. We have turned into a sorry lot indeed….

  3. Sure-let’s just pay for everything. Need a house? Need a car? We will get you one on the public dime. In the mean time, people who were born here, worked for decades, paid lots of taxes get to wait months for basic diagnostic and other tests.

    Here is a much better plan. How would it be if all the people who are so concerned about this issue formed a charity. They could then raise money. That money would then be used to allow refugees to get the services people like Jinny Sims say they should get. Like all socialists, Ms Sims is very generous with other people’s money-I doubt if she would be willing to contribute personally to help these people she “cares” so much about.

    • Sure-let’s just pay for everything. Need a house? Does the homeless need help in finding shelter to keep from dying on the streets,or are you one of the chicken manure crowd. Are the homeless through no fault of their own getting what they need for shelter? Do you ever look in the mirror and ask who’s life you can screw up today. we all pay taxes and it is costing more to keep people on the streets and a lot more to let people who struggle to find a new home that speaks of freedom, but with you people only if you bring money!

  4. Jinny Sims front and center . . . where have we seen here before? Just go back 3 incompetent BCTF Presidents . . .

    Once again Far-Left Activist judges are making the rules and spending OUR Tax Dollars . . .
    Before the rules were changed we had over 9,000 coming from the USA, claiming refuge status and getting 100s of millions of FREE stuff in Canada . . . after which they disappeared back across the border. Add to this the thousands who came from “Other Democratic” countries claiming refuge status and getting more 100s of million of Free care.

    The hard working Canadian Taxpayer is on the hook for this nonsense . . .

  5. I am a senior as is my wife. We have worked all our lives life and paid our taxes all our lives. We were never once on unemployment insurance and guess who has to pay for our monthly medical premiums to the province, who pays for our dental and who pays for our prescriptions. If refugees are coming here and using the system as Sims says they should be allowed to do, then it should be charged to a temporary account to be paid back as they start working. If they go on welfare, then they are allowed only two years to get working. Ifd they fail to do so, they can be sent back to the country of origin. I for one am getting sick of someone (some stupid Judge and Jinny Sims) else saying my money should be dolled out because not to do so would constitute “cruel and unusual punishment” . I wonder if they would have the same answer to our situation ???

  6. my husband and i are retired we do not have any medical plan what so ever we both worked for over 30 years and for any pills and such we have to pay for it i get really maD WHEN I READ THIS ALL THE TIME WHAT ABOUT THE OLD AGE ARE THEY BEEN LOOKED AFTER NO MY BROTHER DIED 2 MONTHS AGO HE COULD NOT AFFORD HELP WHEN NEEDED THANKYOU

    • Sorry to hear about your loss. You are right the seniors here are the ones that had hit the gravy train up until their retirement now thy still complain they do not get enough,I am semi-retired my pension is dismal to say the least, but I am still working and do not have the trouble so many do.Now the plan that you might hear in this forum is to take away the pensioner’s discounts all from the righteous wealthy of BC so they won’t lose any royalties and they love Haper/Cons and the BC Liberals that took away ferry ride because they say the seniors can afford it,I wonder why do they complain so much when it will not affect them oneway or the other!

  7. Canadians is not a rich country our wealth is in the ground , if the protesters and the native people have their way we will all be living in poverty before long , some choices to be made , not all Canadian get full medical or dental benefits , I think the courts are taking over the elected government authority.

    • We will all be living in poverty, but the ones that are already living in poverty what do you think about them, seems not many people are trying to help them we have a veteran recently reported in the news and was homeless he was a hero in Afghanistan and had his legs blown off and was put out to the streets

      • Given the nonsense of the Leftoids, always opposing anything that has to do with government revenue generation, should the NDP assume power, then yes we will all be living in poverty. That is why I totally oppose Left wing policies.

  8. Good for the judges, the last thing we want is a population of refugees who are poor and sickly. That’s how you end up with ghettos and riots.

    If you people feel so hard done by, why don’t you ask why you DON’T have dental instead of asking why people with oral problems due to malnutrition do?

    • I think we should just dismiss all the refugee programs and move the allocated funds to Canadian needs. The Old Age Pensions need to be substantially increased, that would be a start.

  9. We spend 20 Billion on these glorafied welfair bums every year ,a lot more than is spent on Canadians and their welfair state , That buys alot of eye glasses , and fillings . The word refugey . means , means some seeking refuge in another country .I remember the people from Chille , in the seventies , nice people , They went back after Penoshay was deposed .
    But the refugies comeing in now will probly never leave , because every thing is free , and so what If they are just welfair bums , the system defends them .