No straight answers from Kinder Morgan

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No straight answers from Kinder Morgan

It is not just the City of Vancouver or the BC Government even private citizens can’t get a straight answer out of Kinder Morgan.

Biologist Blair King asked Kinder Morgan if it was going to decommission the section of Trans Mountain pipeline through Walnut Grove in Langley.

King says Kinder Morgan directed him to a section of a report which read “It is determined that there is insufficient practical experience in determining the risks and environmental concerns associated with pipeline abandonment and further research would be required. Ultimately my question was what research is available and how do you plan on carrying out the work.”

King, who submitted a question via Langley Township who were intervenors, says the answer was a head scratcher.

“And was directed to a section of their report and they assumed I wouldn’t look at the section. You look at the section and you recognize that all it says is that we don’t have any research on this but we are researching it and we hope to have an answer sometime in the future.”

Reporter “So they basically in response to your question they pointed you to a section of the report that essentially says they don’t know.”


Green party MLA Andrew Weaver, City of Vancouver, and the BC Government have all complained Kinder Morgan is not answering intervenor questions.

They have filed motions with the National Energy Board asking it to compel Kinder Morgan to respond.


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  1. “…..even private citizens can’t get a straight answer from Kinder Morgan?” Exactly what does a private citizen expect? Who does he think he is? Does he expect better treatment than government?

  2. Ole Andrew Weaver faked us out for decades with his Gorebull Warming scam . . .

    Cut the nonsense and build the pipeline now . . . they have an unblemished record of safety for over 60 years . . . govt hacks will talk for the next decade and get nothing done !