Overflowing garbage and overgrown grass: Vancity, Not So Pretty

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

When you travel do you compare Vancouver’s cleanliness to that of your travel destination?

How does Vancouver stack up?

Michael Geller says he used to be proud of the cleanliness of our city but in the last few years he has noticed a general decline with weeds and moss growing in street medians and sidewalks. Recently, Michael posted a photo of weeds in the city on Twitter and the photo created a buzz with people sharing his disgust and with others telling him he was uptight about weeds and overgrown boulevards and that he should perhaps get a hobby!

What’s the park board’s budget on this? Do they share Michael’s concerns about the cleanliness of our city? And should people be shamed for tossing cigarette butts and gum on the street?

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Check out Michael Geller’s photos below and let us know what you think.


If Vancouverites had other options they might not throw cigarette butts and chewing gum on the ground outside transit stations
Homeowners need to be reminded it is their responsibility to keep their properties free of graffiti
Dirty traffic signs and street furniture are all signs of a neglected public infrastructure.
Community newspapers should be expected to keep their boxes clean and free of graffiti.
While weeds like this may seem a minor concern, they detract from the overall appearance of the city.
Weeds like this are commonplace around trees and lamposts throughout the city. These are across from City Hall.
Weeds grow out of the once prized waterfront walkway along the north shore of false creek
We need to find a way to encourage builders to better maintain properties scheduled for redevelopment.
Throughout the city traffic medians and sidewalks are often neglected. This is along Burrard Street, a major thoroughfare.
This neglected overflowing 'big belly' garbage can can be found at the City's prized Olympic Village neighbourhood.
This heritage house redevelopment property at Mayfair and Blenheim is an eyesore in an otherwise well maintained neighbourhood. The city needs to review its procedures to prevent this from happening.
These 'temporary' barricades at West 41st & Angus have been collecting weeds and garbage for 2 years and create an unsightly mess
Some people use the ground as a giant ashtray
Perhaps it is time to establish an Adopt-a-block program in Vancouver so that areas like this West Broadway street median can be kept clean
It's a sad irony the city can't force the owner of this development site to clean it up since....

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