Mayor, MP vow to fight possible changes at Granville Island

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Mayor, MP vow to fight possible changes at Granville Island

People in Vancouver have the most to lose if the rumours are true changes are coming to the management of Granville Island.

That according to a local Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

Fry says she will dig in and fight any moves that would see fundamental changes brought to Granville Island.

The long time Liberal MP is weighing in on reports  the federal government plans to transfer the management of Granville Island from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to the  Port Authority.

Fry says Granville Island is all about food, culture and art.

She says she’ll battle any attempt to “privitize or commercialize it”, should that occur.

Mayor Gregor Robertson calls the island a national landmark, and says local decision making and operations are critical to its revitalization and continued success.


  1. This from the same fear monger that told us that crosses were burning on the lawns up in Prince George.

    Does it really matter which government agency is looking after the management of G I ?

        • Ron you listen to Bill good and follow him like a fan are you him!! You believe everything you hear? They should have made it happen that the Ferries are built in BC we need the Jobs you speak of all the time!@LNG is going to be a bust! We do not even know if the Governments ships are going to be built Harpers is in a little trouble right now the Fighter plane and the money for the new naval ships and with Quebec shipbuilder crying for the BC contracts,Election anyone what a way to buy votes something like what happen with the TCM Traditional Chinese medicine story and going to a public school and Richard lee gets a lucrative Job all being linked to the quick wins scandal! Oh, what a tangled web we weave: When first we practise to deceive! Soon the Chickens will come home to roost, Ronny!

          • I think your tin foil hat’s too tight. I always wonder where on earth you pull your little conspiracies from? The story is really quite clear and simple to follow.
            And what’s Bill Good got to do with anything? Is he anti-ship building?

  2. I think the way it works is – the reporter vets the comments and in this case Sean Leslie is doing McComb’s show.
    So maybe comments will be open later today or tomorrow.

  3. I can see it now. MacDonald’s will be standing in line to put in at least two cafes. CMHC has a policy that no chain fast food cafes can apply. Well there is all that space which Emily Carr Art College is leaving. Have to get some revenue from that.