CP Rail to Arbutus Corridor residents: time to clean up

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CP Rail to Arbutus Corridor residents: time to clean up

CP Rail says the Arbutus Corridor is a “valuable asset, and as such, the company must optimize its use on behalf of shareholders.”

That means changes are coming.

CP has sent a letter to property owners along what has become a beloved greenbelt.

And the message is pretty clear: Clean up your stuff, because we plan on using our track, once again.

CP is asking those with any personal items, such as sheds or other structures, vehicles, storage containers or gardens, to remove anything within the margins of CP land no later than the end of the month.

After the end of the month, any unauthorized property will be removed.


  1. If it means that the value of my CP shares continue to go up, CP should operate the Arbutus corridor as a viable railway. My CP shares have tripled on value since I bought them.

  2. When you sign on with CPR train crews they tell you that it is mandatory to bare arms to protect the Company if under threats, I see nothing has changed with the attitude of comply or else!

  3. People along the line have had a free ride for years with this space. They don’t OWN it. They will just have to relocate their vegetables to another community garden like most people have to do.

  4. I was so ticked when I saw this on the new last night. Do these people realize how ridiculous they sounded? Going on about how they are being forced to move things, going on about CP Rail is only going to use the for this and that. Bottom line people, it doesn’t matter if CP Rail is going to store cotton balls on this property – IT IS THEIR PROPERTY, NOT YOURS! I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot there would be hell to pay. Come on, give your head a shake

  5. Thie decision to place Granville Island under Ports Vancouver and re opening the Arbutus corridor may be related. Recent reports have suggested Ports Vancouver requires 1000′s of acres of extra land for future expansion.

    Granville Island is well sited as a port terminal to handle containers, coal and other bulk materials. And a port located on Granville Island will be well served by the Arbutus CP Rail corridor.

    This would be great for BC to generate more economic activity by exporting more of our abundant natural resources,

    Or if Granville Island is converted to a coal terminal, there will be no need to blow up the Massey Tunnel to allow FSD to handle big ships.

  6. I agree it is not your property so get used to it. You wouldn’t plant a garden on the City right of ways. I just cannot believe the so “Creme de la “Creme would lower themselves to plant a garden. Maybe it’s pay back to when they didn’t want trains running on the tracks.