Administrators feeling effects of teachers’ strike

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The labour dispute has had quite the impact on teachers, students and parents across the province. But what about administrators?

The president of the province’s Principals’ and Vice Principals’ association, Gordon Li says mediator or no mediator, he’s hoping for a resolution in the ongoing BC public school dispute as soon as possible.

“Our members have been doing a lot of additional duties to meet the requirements of the LRB ruling, to meet the needs of students as they transition and so there have been a number of pieces tagged on to what we normally do.”

Li adds that many administrators are exhausted, stretched out too thin and working around-the-clock because of the ongoing public school dispute.


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  1. So the first snippet of commentary about this dispute from a silent principals and vice principals association is about how upset they are because they are over worked? Where has your collective voice been regarding improving classroom conditions? Administrators know there are funding issues in education. Perhaps they cannot speak up individually, but their association certainly can.