A 7-year-old launches a fundraiser for a friend

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A 7-year-old launches a fundraiser for a friend

If you saw a friend in need, what would you do?

A 7-year-old from Maple Ridge is doing everything he can.

Quinn Callander says he and seven year old Brayden Gozdanich are the best of friends.

“Actually I play with him a lot”

Not long ago Quinn was there when Brayden, who has cerebral palsey, had his daily physio treament to keep his muscles moving.

“He was crying. It was hurting his muscles ’cause he can not move the same as we can and that’s what this surgery is supposed to help him.”

That surgery, only offered in the States comes with a $20,000 price tag, so Quinn built a lemonade stand to go up at the local Superstore this weekend.

A seven year old doing what he can for a friend.

“Helping him by telling the people to donate.”

Brayden’s mom, Toni Grozdanich, says what Quinn is doing is the most amazing thing in the world.

She explains the smallest things are a challenge for Brayden.

“My little guy has a really tough time walking somedays because he everytime he grows, the muscles get tighter and he can’t keep his right foot flat to the ground. So that’s why he does physios every single day, just to keep those muscles limber enough for him to actually be walking.”

Grozdanich says the surgery offered in the states is less painful and has a faster recovery than what is offered here.

She says they just hope it will help him walk more easily and fall less, than he does now.

If you’d like to donate, click here.